Virginia Foster is the head of a criminal enterprise.


Virginia was heavily involved in planning the wedding between her son, Morgan, and his fiancée, Stephanie. She let the couple have very little say in the planning, even filling the guest list herself. Unbeknownst to her, she was the mark of a con, intended to steal her money and replace it with counterfeit. The idea was that she'd try to spend the money and it would be flagged as counterfeit, ruining her business relationships. When she learned about what had happened, she was horrified.



She is married.


She is very protective of her son. When he got engaged to Stephanie Duncan, Virginia took over wedding planning, even inviting her own guests.


She is the president and CEO of Foster Shipping. She inherited from her father when it was bankrupt and turned it into a successful company, using it as a front for criminal activity.

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