Troy is a man with an eidetic memory who was used to retrieve data without leaving an electronic mark.


Troy was sent by the Blackwell Corporation to break into the FBI headquarters and gather information for them to use. Ben, Justine, and Rhys learned about the break-in and once they tracked it back to Blackwell, they used disguises to get access to the Blackwell Corporation building. There, they went into what they believed was the data center, but was actually the room where Troy was being held. He asked if they were there to rescue him. They put him in a janitor's outfit and got him out of the building.

Once he was out, he gave them enough information about Blackwell to shut them down and arrest Donna Kane, the CEO. Once that was done, Justine said she had to arrest him, but he asked her to let him go and said that in exchange, he could help her find her husband. He knew where he was when he disappeared, which would lead to him. ("The Hard Drive")

Finding EddieEdit

Troy gave Justine information about the undercover case Eddie was working on, taking down an arms dealer. The operation had been ended two months prior and everyone else had come home. Justine used the information he provided and was able to find Eddie. ("The Birthday Party")

Taking Down ArgosyEdit

Troy continued to provide Justine with information from the FBI files to take down Argosy and Billy McLeland. He gave them details of the power structure within Argosy and they used that to set up a meeting with a high-ranking lieutenant designed to get them a meeting with leader Billy McLeland. They set up the meeting between Ben and the leader, but when Justine told Eddie about the plan to get him out of Argosy, he held a gun on them, making her realize he'd killed McLeland and taken over. He held them hostage while he went to meet with Ben, not knowing he was in on it and had brought FBI agent. Eddie was quickly arrested.

Troy asked what would happen to him and Justine told him he was free to go because they'd taken down Argosy. He wanted to stay with Rhys, bur Rhys said bad things happen to people who stay with him and told Troy to call Justine, who had offered to put in a good word for him if he decided he wanted to work for the FBI. ("The Knock-Off")


When the Blackwell Corporation learned about his special memory, they hired him to collect intel for them. After they learned exactly how valuable the information in his brain was, they held him hostage in a room, only letting him out under strict supervision to work for them. ("The Hard Drive")

Notes and TriviaEdit



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