Theo Tasker is part of the Southland cartel sent to get Tommy.


Theo came to AVI to tell Alice and Valerie that he was looking for Tommy. Alice said she couldn't help him, so he said that if he couldn't find Tommy, at least he knew where to find Alice and her friends.

Later, Theo confronted Tommy at the airport as he prepare to flee the country. Tommy tried to talk his way out of it by paying Theo the money, but he was surprised to see the bag was full of newspapers instead of money. Alice came to Tommy's rescue and promised Theo the $3 million in exchange for letting Tommy go. ("The Dining Hall")

Then Theo found out Tommy had been arrested and then released, he worried about what Tommy had told the police. He wanted the money, plus Tommy. Alice went to the drop without Tommy and without the money. She told him he was getting an important phone call. His phone rang and he answered it and learned that all the assets of their shell corporations had been frozen. She said if he wanted to stay alive, he should confess to the murder of the Kindcaids and she'd call the SEC off. She told him to roll on the cartel. He held a gun to her and told her to give them the money. She asked if he was going to shoot her the way he shot the Kincaids. He said no, he shot the Kincaids in the chest and he'd shoot her in the heads. Then the cops came out and arrested Theo now that they had their confession. He agreed to make a deal with the cops to take down the cartel. ("The Family Way")


He's a high-ranking lieutenant in the Southland Drug Cartel. ("The Dining Hall") He started off like Tommy, just running errands for The Cartel, and worked his way up. ("The Family Way")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He'd been arrested 12 times prior to his most recent arrest, but had never been convicted. ("The Dining Hall")


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