The Wedding is the tenth episode of season one and 10th overall episode of The Catch.

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Sybil proves to be a formidable adversary and devises a well-orchestrated con that takes place at a high-profile wedding. Meanwhile, Alice finds herself in a precarious situation and Ben puts everything on the line to keep her out of danger.

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Alice says Rhys has her at a disadvantage. He agrees, but compliments the way she looks in just a towel. She asks what she can do for him. He tells her to do as he says, because they have discovered that Ben's been working with the FBI because of her influence. Alice asks him if his mother disapproves. Since she knows about Sybil, Rhys asks if she knows that Margot has escaped federal prison and is now back with the Firm. She's lucky he's here instead of Margot. He then tells her they're all watching through a video chat. Rhys says it depends on Ben whether she'll get out of this or not.

Ben tells Sybil, who's showing him the video chat, that he'll do whatever she wants. Since his word means nothing to her anymore, Rhys will take Alice to somewhere safe until they finish the job. They'll see what happens after. It all depends on him. Margot can't hide a smirk as she takes a magazine.

Ben approaches Margot and asks her where Rhys is taking Alice. Margot can't believe he's asking her for help. Ben tries to bring up that her mother rejected her, but Margot points out she struck out with him on her own after she was passed over, which turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life. Ben apologizes to her. Margot says Alice told her he's finally happy. Sybil comes back in and says it's time to go, but she refuses to tell Ben where to.

Dao arrives at AVI and asks if Alice's there. She's not. Valerie asks what's going on. He tells the team that Margot escaped. The Firm has people inside the FBI, leaving them with no one to trust. Valerie starts calling Alice.

Rhys tells Alice which lipstick to use when her phone rings. He tells her to leave it, but she points out that the people from her office will come looking. He tells her to tell them that she won't come in today. She takes the call. Valerie tells her about Margot's escape. She acts surprised and tells Valerie that she's not feeling like herself today. She needs the day to get back on her feet. Valerie asks if she needs anything, but Alice says no and hangs up. Rhys has chosen a dress from her closet and tells her to put it on.

Valerie tells Dao that Alice is not feeling well. She wants to find Margot.

Sybil, Ben, Margot, and Jamison enter the space that she's turned into a counterfeiting business. Reggie and Leah are working. Ben gives Reggie a cold greeting and Sybil announces that Reggie's working for her now, as he was just as surprised about Ben's alliance with the Bureau as they were. Leah takes Sybil to see their progress. Margot finds it comforting that Ben also betrayed Reggie. Sybil summons Margot. Ben approaches Reggie and swears that he told the FBI nothing about him. He tells Reggie that Alice's taken as a hostage and asks if he knows where she is. Reggie refuses to say anything. Sybil summons Ben and gives him a case file number that he needs to go to the city planner's office with. She needs the blueprints from the file.

Alice is dressed now and Rhys wants to go out. She says she needs a bag. He agrees. He follows her into her closet, suspecting she's up to something, and chooses one for her.

Valerie's not feeling good about Alice's absence. As Danny points out, she's never been out sick. Valerie decides to call her again

Meanwhile, Ben enters Alice's house. Alice is gone, but her phone's still there. He sees that Valerie's calling, but he doesn't answer.

Valerie has decided to go to Alice's house since she hasn't answered. She's probably asleep, but Valerie will make sure that Margot can't get to her. She needs the others to work on a plan to catch her. As they approach the elevators, Ben gets off. He tells her that he needs her help.

Valerie asks him where Alice is, but he says he doesn't know. The Firm has her because they found out about him. Valerie walks off as Ben promises them that this is not a con. Alice is in real danger. Valerie returns with a gun. She sends Danny to get Shawn. Valerie asks Ben again where Alice is. All he knows is that Rhys has her.

Rhys and Alice are walking in a park. He finds L.A. gorgeous. Rhys asks what she wants to do. She tells him his kidnapping skills need work. He finds kidnapping far too tedious. He's all for just killing the victim. They sit down as Alice says he's not going to kill her. He admits he'd rather not. He's worried about Ben's life because Sybil has it out for him now. She still needs him for one last job, during which Rhys hopes that Ben will fall back into favor with Sybil. So, it's important that that job goes without a hitch. In order for that to happen, Alice needs to stay out of it. If she does, he'll make sure that she and Ben get a happy ending together. So, she can cooperate, in which case he'll get her a nice suite with room service, or he'll lock her in a small cage. Alice agrees to cooperate only if he tells her about the con. He says it's not a negotiation, because he has a gun. She smiles and says so does she. He looks under the table and sees the gun she's pointing at him. It was in her bag. Alice says she can either effectively end his ability to ever have an erection again, or he can walk away, knowing his family can never make her go away. She's in control here. Rhys says he can see why Ben likes her. He chooses his erection and walks off.

Dao and Ben are in Valerie's office. Ben says they're wasting time, because if he doesn't return soon, Sybil will know something's going on. Alice comes in, surprising them all. She says that Rhys let her go. He made her and Ben a deal. Ben realizes that means Sybil's going to kill him. Valerie asks Alice why she thinks that Rhys is telling the truth. Ben says he let her go. Valerie's angry and walks out.

Valerie and Alice are in the latter's office. Valerie knows that Alice has forgiven Ben, but she needs more time. Dao comes in with the bad news. The Bureau called him to say that he's off the case, and that Ben's deal is off the table as well. Alice says the Firm's also gonna come after them. Their only hope is to catch Sybil and co in the act and hope that their LAPD contacts can help. Valerie says it's up to Ben, who apologizes for what he did to her firm. He has to get them out of this mess.

In the conference room, Alice is giving a presentation about Sybil, the real leader of the Kensington Firm. Ben says they all do as she says.

Ben delivers the blueprints to Sybil, who says he's working his way back into her heart. "Anything for Alice Vaughan," Margot says. Rhys has returned as well, having told his mother that Alice is locked in Glendale.

Alice tells her team that Sybil is using Ben and Rhys to infiltrate Stephanie Duncan and Morgan Foster's wedding. It's Morgan's mother Virginia, the president and CEO of Foster Shipping, that they're really after. Years ago, Virginia inherited her father's bankrupt shipping business and she turned into the world's largest and most powerful fleet.

Back with the Firm, Ben's soaking up as much information as he can. Sybil says that Virginia controls presidents and policy-makers, all of whom she keeps on her payroll and pays in cash.

Ben tells the AVI team and Dao that Sybil asked him to get blueprints of all of Virginia's properties.

Margot's looking at the blueprints. Judging by the layout, the vault should be in the sub-basement.

Dao recalls that Sybil killed a man to get an access code. Valerie wonders why Sybil would rob a money, since she has enough money already. Ben says it's never just about the money with Sybil. Alice tells them not to forget about Leah Wells.

Sybil asks Leah and Reggie how much currency they've made. Reggie replies they'll have 10 million by the end of the day. Sybil says that judging from the size of the vault, they'll need more. They'll need 20 million. Reggie deems that impossible, but Sybil simply encourages him to find a way. Rhys wonders how they're gonna smuggle all the money. Sybil says they're not. All they need to do is get the rest of them in.

Alice and Valerie tell Ben that that means they can also get them in.

Ben wonders how. Sybil will help them by creating a few problems that only the two of them can solve.

Rhys and Ben are meeting with Virginia, Stephanie, and Morgan. Virginia says the wedding planner quit, so they need to cancel the wedding. The caterer quit as well. Ben and Rhys says they have a team that can help out. Stephanie and Morgan have been trying to tell her that. Ben and Rhys bring up that they have done hundreds of weddings, but Virginia's not willing to hand over her son's wedding to people she doesn't know. Since she and her husband are paying for the wedding, she gets to decide. Stephanie says they're either doing this wedding with these two or not at all. The two women ask Morgan how he feels about that. Ben jumps in before he can answer and says that Morgan's afraid of hurting the two most important people in his life. Morgan wants to give them both what they want. He has no idea how to do that, but Andy and Charlie do. Rhys and Ben ask Virginia to tell them what she wants, and they will make it happen.

At AVI, Ben gives Alice and Valerie their invitations. Ben reminds Alice that they don't have to do this. Alice says the Firm will come after them if they don't put them away right now. And the Firm won't hurt them in front of 200 people. Once they're put away, Ben will be free. She wants to dance with him at the reception. She smiles and kisses him. They then see that Sophie, Shawn, and Danny are staring at them. Ben says it's time to go. Alice will see him at the wedding.

Ben and Rhys arrive at the wedding among other guests. Ben says he gave AVI their invitations.

The team's standing at a construction site. This is the address on the invitation. Alice says it doesn't make sense. Valerie says it means that Ben played them again.

Alice's trying to reach Ben. He's not answering. She knows what this looks like, but she swears Ben's just trying to protect them. Danny and Valerie disagree. Alice insists that Sybil will kill him once the wedding's over, so the longer they stand here talking about it, the less time they have to save Ben and themselves. Sophie pulls out satellite images of Virginia Foster's other properties. There are a lot of cars at her property in Benedict Canyon. Alice says they're going there, or at least she is. Danny and Valerie are still on the fence.

At the wedding, Ben tells Rhys that Alice won't like what he did. Rhys says women don't like being lied to. They approach Virginia and congratulate her. The ceremony was great. She says the reception is not bad either, thanks to them. She could not have done it better herself. Ben calls over the wedding photographer, Reggie, and has him take a few photos.

The photos are sent to Margot's tablet, which Margot uses to locate the security guard. Looks like there are seven in the main ballroom. She asks Jamison to hack in the security camera feeds as well. Margot then walks up to her mother, who's posing as a chef. They'll make their move when everyone's sitting down for dinner.

Back in the ballroom, Leah announces the wedding pair's first dance. The band starts playing. As they're dancing, Rhys asks Ben if he would have married Alice. Ben smiles to say yes. Rhys hates he's gonna have to be cynical about love all by himself now. Ben says he'll have to do everything by himself because Sybil have him killed. Rhys has decided to stand up to his mother, like Morgan did. Rhys says he's not about to let Ben go. Rhys then disappears so Stephanie and Morgan can't ask them to dance. Ben then realizes he recognizes the singer's voice. He looks over to the stage and sees Sophie. Danny then appears with a tray and offers him some champagne. He takes a glass and then sees Alice. They raise their glasses. Ben walks up to her. She asks when he's going to learn that he can't keep her away. Ben says he was trying to keep her safe. Alice tells him to let them do the same for him. Over at the bar, Shawn, Valerie, and Dao are watching them. Stephanie and Morgan finish their dance.

Danny compliments Sophie's performance. He wants to say something, but can't get himself to do it. Instead, he asks if Shawn has any idea how lucky he is. Sophie says Shawn's not really her type. Danny asks what her type is, then. She replies mouthy co-workers who should be kissing her instead of talking. He steps closer towards her and wants to kiss her, but Shawn interrupts, asking if he can talk to Danny, who sighs and follows him.

Shawn says he doesn't know what's going on between him and Sophie. Danny swears there's nothing going on. Shawn's happy to hear that, because he didn't want things to get weird. He then asks Danny if he'd like to go out with him some time. Danny doesn't know what to say.

Valerie thinks they're wasting time, but Dao tells her they have to give the Firm time to commit their crime. She thinks they should just arrest Ben and be done with it. Dao tells her that she doesn't like Ben because they are exactly the same. They both love Alice and try to save her, and they lie to get what they want. Valerie tells Dao she never lied to him. She told him it was just sex. Dao thinks she's lying. He thinks she likes her. Dao says that everyone who sees them together finds him the luckiest man in the room. She can't help but smile.

Danny joins Sophie and says she knew he was gay. She did. Danny made it so easy to torture him. She promises to make it up to him. She asks what he's doing after this. He says he's going out with Shawn. He's such a nice guy, so he couldn't say no. He's kind of liking forward to it. He then leans in and kisses her.

Ben tells Alice that once dinner's served, they'll start moving the money. She will then call the cops and they'll move in. He asks what then. If they take down the Firm and Sybil doesn't kill him and he's not going to jail, he wants them to get married. He bought them wedding bands, or rather, he stole them. The royal family doesn't even know they're missing. He asks Alice if she'll marry him. She kisses him.

Reggie's taking pictures of Leah, who has a message from Sybil. They're 30 minutes away. Reggie then sees Alice and Ben in each other's arms in the background. Leah notices something's wrong.

In the kitchen, Sybil's looking at the photo of Ben and Alice. She calls over Margot and says she's got to something for her.

If Alice is here, that means Ben and Rhys have betrayed them. Sybil tells Margot that she's made a mistake choosing her father's successor. Margot allows her to make that up to her. Sybil says they have no time to waste. They need to move the money.

Rhys is talking to Stephanie and Morgan about how to deal with parents. The key is boundaries. In his talk, he accidentally mentions Ben instead of Charlie. He corrects himself, but Morgan then sees Ben kissing Alice on the neck. Rhys says he's going to handle this.

Rhys walks up to Ben and Alice and asks what they're doing. With a smile on her face, Alice says they are getting married. Stephanie and Morgan come over, asking what's going on. Ben says they should probably leave for their honeymoon right now. Alice tells Morgan that his mother's involved in conspiracies, fraud, and money laundering. Stephanie loves Alice right away for saying that.

Ben, Alice, Stephanie, and Morgan are in a private room with Virginia, who calls their accusations outrageous. Stephanie thinks it would explain a lot if it were true. Virginia moves to call security. Alice tells her to do that and tell them that she's being robbed. Ben explains the Kensington Firm is robbing her and expanding into her territory, starting with the vaults in her sub-basement. Virginia's shocked, leading to Morgan and Stephanie realizing that it's all true.

Alice and Ben explain to Virginia that the Firm smuggled everything they needed into the house this morning, together with all the catering stuff. They also hacked her security feeds.

Virginia says the vault's door is reinforced steel, so they won't be able to open it. Ben says her head of security gave them the password. Alice adds that they're using counterfeit money to replace her fortune.

Meanwhile, the Firm has entered the vault and they start replacing the money with Leah's fake money. As Ben's telling Virginia, the Firm's taking the money from the kitchen straight through the back door. Margot and Jamison are waiting by the car, while Sybil's overseeing things in the kitchen.

Ben tells Virginia that the real payoff for Sybil is when Virginia starts spending fake cash. Her business associates will drop her, she'll end up in jail, and Sybil will move in and take everything from her. Virginia herself will be left with nothing.

Sybil's moving the last box of money, but Alice and Ben stop her, saying the FBI's out there. Sybil says the FBI works for her now. Dao and Valerie appear and Dao says not all of them. Valerie says the LAPD's on their way as well. Sybil turns to Ben and asks if this is the thanks she gets after all she's done for him. Ben reminds her she was planning to kill him. Sybil says he deserved it after all he did. He can't become good all of a sudden. She turns to Alice and tells her she'll find that out.

Dao and Valerie take Sybil while Dao lists all the crimes she's being arrested for. They open the van and find that all the money's gone. Valerie wonders where it went. "Margot," Sybil says.

Margot and Jamison have loaded the money into another van. Margot says he did well and Jamison asks if he's finally allowed to talk now. She can think of far better things to do with that mouth. They share a kiss.

Morgan, Stephanie, Ben, and Alice are walking down the driveway. The married couple thanks the other couple for giving them leverage against Morgan's mother. Rhys is waiting at the gates with a car. Morgan and Stephanie rush off. Rhys has bought tickets for Alice and Ben, per Alice's request. Ben's surprised that Alice and Rhys planned this for him. They have to get Ben out of the country without his immunity deal. Ben says he's not going anywhere without her. She says he won't have to, because the other ticket is for her. Rhys then reveals he also bought himself a ticket to come with them. Alice will go home to get her bag. She'll see him on plane. Ben gets in the car after kissing Alice and Rhys drives off.

Alice is on the phone with Valerie, promising it's only for a few weeks. Valerie tells her to be careful. Alice then sees the search warrant taped to her open the door. She enters her house and finds the FBI searching her house. The painting's lying on the table. Emily Clark tells Alice that they received a tip about a stolen painting. She asks Alice to come with them.

Alice and Emily are sitting in an interrogation room. Emily asks Alice recognizes the painting. Alice says she does. She also affirms she was hired by the museum to protect it, and that she had Mario Visconti arrested for attempting to steal it. Emily asks her if she stole the painting from the museum. Alice tells agent Clark that she's asking the wrong questions. If this were her case, Alice would wonder why a reputable private investigator would steal her own client's multimillion-dollar painting, and put it on her bedroom wall. That doesn't make sense. Then she'd ask herself, what if the person who called in the anonymous tip put it there? Who has the most to gain from the two of them sitting here, wasting their time, when they should be out there trying to catch that person? However, Alice doesn't want to tell her how to do her job, so unless Clark's got an arrest warrant, she's gonna go and do Clark's job for her. Emily tells her she can go.

Margot's on the phone with Ben to tell him that's not in jail with her mother. In fact, he's talking to the new head of the Kensington Firm. She toasts with Jamison. Rhys, who's packing, asks Ben if he's talking to Alice. Margot hears him and tells Ben not to hold the plane for Alice. She says she gave the FBI an anonymous tip about a certain stolen painting, so Alice won't be joining him for another 5 to 10 years. She asks Ben to tell Rhys to watch himself and hangs up.

The FBI's also searching AVI. Alice arrives and Sophie tells her they made them give them their phones and computers. Emily arrives as well and joins her team. Alice says Clark had nothing on her, or she'd be arrested right now. Danny says they won't leave until they find something here. Valerie asks if they'll find something. Alice says they'll find everything she would have needed to steal the painting. She tried to call Ben, but it went to voicemail. He's on the plane. Dao comes over and says there's nothing he can do for her. Alice says she was going to put the painting back once she figured out how. Danny suggests they just tell the museum what happened, but Dao doubts they'll believe that. Alice apologizes, but Valerie says this is Margot's doing. Alice says their clients won't know that, and it's hard to take Margot down from prison. Valerie says Gordon's on his way. Emily returns and tells Alice that she just received a warrant for her arrest. She found proof that Mario used Alice's badge to steal the painting, as well as proof that Alice's office contacted the woman who forged the painting. Sophie says that was her, but Alice makes her shut up. And then there's still the fact that the painting was hanging on her wall. Emily then arrests Alice for art theft, fraud, burglary, money laundering, and racketeering. As Emily's talking about Alice's rights, the elevator doors open and Ben gets off. He tells Emily that it was him. His name is Benjamin Jones. He stole the painting and put it on her wall. He robbed from Alice and her clients and framed her for everything. He's the one they need to arrest.


  • Alice Vaughan
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Reginald Lennox III
  • Danny Yoon
  • Jules Dao
  • Valerie Anderson
  • Margot Bishop
  • Sophie Novak
  • Rhys Griffiths
  • Sybil Griffiths
  • Leah Wells
  • Virginia Foster
  • Morgan Foster
  • Stephanie Duncan
  • Emily Clark
  • Shawn Sullivan
  • Jamison
  • Robin (far right)

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Kensington FirmEdit

After finding out that Rhys had Alice, Ben went to Valerie and Dao and reaffirmed that he still wanted to help them take down the Kensington Firm. He gave them the address to the wedding where Margot, Sybil, and Rhys were pulling a con, but the address let them to an empty lot. They used satellite images of Virginia Foster's other properties to find out where it was.

Virginia FosterEdit

The Kensington Firm targeted Virginia Foster through her son, Morgan Foster, and his fiancée, Stephanie Duncan. After the ceremony, Alice and Ben told Morgan his mother's a gangster and encouraged them to leave on their honeymoon immediately. However, he went to his mother with the claims, which she denied. Alice then told her she was being robbed by the Kensington Firm. The money was replaced with the counterfeit money, which they wanted her to try to spend, which would get her arrested. However, when Sybil tried to leave with the last of the money, she was arrested. When they went to retrieve the money, they found that Margot had taken it.

Alice VaughanEdit

Someone tipped the FBI off that Alice had the stolen painting in her apartment. Alice was detained and interviewed about the painting. Margot later told Ben she'd tipped them off. The FBI also searched AVI to find evidence. Alice was arrested, but Ben came to AVI and admitted to the theft, saying he'd framed her.


Song Performer Scene
"I Ain't Gonna Be the First to Cry" Bob Moses
  • AVI makes a plan to take down Sybil with Ben's help.
  • Sybil informs people about her true plans.
  • The con artists plan their con for the reception.
"At Last" Elvy Yost
  • Sophie performs this song at Stephanie and Morgan's wedding as they perform their first dance.
  • Rhys promises to protect Ben from his mother.
  • Ben notices AVI has infiltrated the reception.
  • Alice and Ben talk.
"The Ladida Song" Butterfly Boucher
  • Alice and Ben inform Virginia about Sybil's plan.
  • Sybil, Margot, and Jamison move the money.
"Before I Fall" Bob Moses
  • Margot and Jamison kiss before escaping with the money.
  • Stephanie and Margon thank Ben and Alice.
  • Rhys and Alice reveal to Ben they're leaving the country together. They all leave to get ready.
  • Valerie asks Alice to be careful.
  • Alice comes home to find the FBI searching her house.
"Love & Hate" Michael Kiwanuka
  • Emily interrogates Alice, who leaves to go do Emily's job for her.
  • Margot informs Ben she's now the head of the Kensington Firm, and that she tipped the FBI.
  • The FBI searches AVI to find evidence.
  • Emily arrests Alice, until Ben arrives and confesses to everything.

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The Catch 1x09 "The Happy Couple" 1x10 "The Wedding" Promo (HD) Season Finale

The Catch 1x09 "The Happy Couple" 1x10 "The Wedding" Promo (HD) Season Finale


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Alice: You have me at a bit of a disadvantage, Mr. Griffiths.
Rhys: Oh, I have you at a total disadvantage, Ms. Vaughan. Although I dare say that towel has never been shown off to better advantage.

Alice: I can pull the trigger and effectively end your ability to ever achieve an erection again, or you can leave here with the knowledge that your family will never be able to bargain with me, and never be able to make me go away, because I am in control here. Not you. Not Ben. Not anyone else. So what's it gonna be? Choice is yours.
Rhys: Wow. I can see why he likes you. I'll keep my erection, thank you.

Virginia: I can't just turn my son's wedding over to-
Stephanie: I'm sorry. Whose wedding?
Morgan: Honey.
Virginia: Yours, darling. But it is a gift that Morgan's father and I are giving you. And traditionally, you don't get to pick out your own gifts. You accept them, and you pretend you love them. And then, when your daughter gets married, you get to ruin her big day.

Danny: You knew he was gay.
Sophie: I did.
Danny: So, what? You were just torturing me?
Sophie: You made it so easy.
Danny: You seemed like such a nice person.

Danny: I am going out with Shawn.
Sophie: What?
Danny: He asked me out.
Sophie: And you said yes?
Danny: He's such a nice guy. How could I say no?
Sophie: Daniel...
Danny: Is it weird that I'm kind of looking forward to it?

Ben: Do you still have your dress? Because I still have our wedding bands.
Alice: You actually bought us wedding bands?
Ben: Well, I didn't exactly buy them.
Alice: You stole our wedding bands?!
Ben: The royal family doesn't even know they're missing. Alice Vaughan, will you marry me?

Emily: Did you steal the painting from the museum, Ms. Vaughan?
Alice: If I may, I think you're asking the wrong questions, Agent Clark. Here's what I would be asking if this was my case. Why would a reputable private investigator steal her clients' multimillion-dollar painting, then put it on her bedroom wall where anyone could see it? Doesn't make sense. So, then I'd be asking, "What if the person who called in the anonymous tip put the painting there, and who made this call? And who has the most to gain from both of us sitting in this room, wasting our time, when we should be out trying to catch this person?" But I don't want to tell you how to do your job. So, unless you have a warrant for my arrest to go with your search warrant, I'm gonna go and do your job for you.

Margot: You left the party so quickly.
Ben: Where are you?
Margot: Well, you'll disappointed to learn I am not in a jail cell with my mother. In fact, you're speaking to the new head of the Kensington Firm.

Ben: It wasn't her. It was me. My name is Benjamin Jones. I stole the painting, put it on her wall. I robbed from her and her clients, and framed her for everything. I'm the one you need to arrest. So you can let her go and take me.

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