The Package is the eighth episode of season one and 8th overall episode of The Catch.

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Ben agrees to help Rhys with one of their biggest cons to date: to break Leah Wells out of FBI custody. Meanwhile, Sophie asks Alice and the AVI team to help a friend get out of a very bad contract, and, in doing so, they learn that Sophie has a few more tricks up her sleeve.

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After he's shown her the photo, Margot tells Rhys about Alice being their mark. He guesses Ben wasn't just pretending to be in love with her. Rhys says Alice is a problem for both of them, because Ben must have told her about the two of them. Margot says he can kill her for all she cares, but that'll drive Ben away from them. They must find out what she knows.

Margot does some online recon and finds out about Alice's very first therapist appointment.

She pays the therapist a visit. She takes a gun out of her bag and puts it on the therapist's desk, and then gives the therapist a $10,000 dollar check.

Alice arrives for her first appointment. Margot introduces herself as the therapist and invites Alice in.

Alice has told Margot that the man she was supposed to marry stole everything and disappeared. Alice says she found him again by working with the FBI. When she finally found him, he told her that what they had was all real. Margot asks if she's seen him since. Alice nods and says she hasn't told anyone. Margot asks if they've been sleeping together. Alice nods again. Alice says he wants her to run away with him. That's why she's here. Part of her really wants to do it. Margot tells her she won't let her to that.

Alice finds Ben standing her living room. He's not here to help her take down the Kensington Firm. He came to show her why she can't do that. They're dealing in arms and they aren't afraid to use them. These are the people he got into business with before he knew any better. Now that he does, he's afraid for her. Alice thanks him for the evidence he brought, which will be helpful. She believes him, though, which is why she had Shawn get her a gun. She won't hesitate to use it. He asks her again not to do this, but she tells him to go if he's not gonna help her. He leaves.

Rhys and Ben are walking in a park. Ben's offered to look after Rhys's interests here so Rhys can go back to London. Rhys is surprised that Ben's willing to come back to the firm. Ben suggests that Margot can take care of the East Coast operations for the Firm. Rhys is amused. Ben wants to get them out of the city so he can spend time with Alice. Ben says they're not seeing each other anymore. Rhys wants to stay and cheer him up, bring Bad Benji back, but Ben assures him he'll be fine. Rhys says they'll ask Margot first. Alice is observing them and taking pictures from the bushes.

Back at the office, Alice uses the pictures and face recognition software to find out more about Rhys. Sophie comes in and tells her that Kelsey's here. Alice joins her and only seconds later, the program finds a match.

Danny asks Kelsey how she knows Sophie. Kelsey replies she was one of Sophie's fan girls. She's a ridiculous singer. Danny is surprised. Kelsey says they were in a band together, but Sophie forbids her from showing Danny the videos.

Kelsey's meeting with the team in the conference room. She signed a contract that Sophie strongly advised her not to sign. It's a standard major label recording contract. Kelsey signed because major labels spend millions on promotion and they hooked her up with Nathan Ashmore, the songwriter/producer. He's a genius who saved her life. She and her boyfriend were broke, but Nathan moved them into a studio and paid for everything. Afterwards, she and her boyfriend made an awesome album together. Alice wonders why she wants out of her contract then. Kelsey replies that PMG refuses to release the album. Kelsey has a seven album deal with Nathan, but he has a deal with PMG. Kelsey can't spend the rest of her life making albums for Nathan when PMG won't put them out. She has no idea why they won't release it. Valerie says they'll find out.

Ben enters Margot's hotel room. She gives the cold shoulder. He figures out she's talked to Rhys. He knows she's upset, but the Firm has resources they'll never have. She can run the East Coast and he can run the West Coast. Margot hadn't heard about that plan yet, and she's against it. Margot says it's his fault that they have nothing, because it was Alice who took everything. Now he wants to go back to her brother and stay in the city while she has to leave for New York. She asks him why. Instead, he asks her what she wants. She wants him gone. They're not getting rid of her that easily.

In the hotel bar, Ben's told Rhys that he's choosing him over Margot. He's back for good.

Ben has just told Reggie about his move. Reggie doesn't want to work for Rhys. Ben says he won't have to, because Rhys will go back to London. The two of them will run the L.A. office on their terms. Reggie asks what Margot thinks. Ben hopes she'll take New York. Reggie deduces that Ben wants Alice. Ben tells him that Alice and Dao are going after Rhys, because she thinks putting Rhys away will free him. That's why he'll do everything to keep Rhys away from her, even it means rejoining the firm. Reggie asks if he wants to morgage the rest of his life for Alice. Ben replies she's doing the same thing for him.

Alice tells Valerie and Dao about Rhys Griffiths. He's a person of interest in Interpol's ongoing investigation of the Kensington Firm. He arrived in L.A. 10 days ago. He runs a massive import and export business, which fits the Firm. Dao says he never investigated Rhys because he was after Christopher, not the Firm. Alice checked Rhys's passport and he was in Paris the day Nathalie was killed. The ballistics on the bullets that killed Mickey Shive are the same as those that killed Nathalie. Rhys must have done it, because she'd be dead right now if Christopher was a killer. Mickey was killed a day after Rhys arrived, but she can't find out if Rhys is still here. Dao says he'll look into that. He thanks the two of them and leaves. Alice noticed the way he looked at Valerie and asks her about it. Valerie denies that anything happened.

Danny shows Alice and Valerie the video of Kelsey and her boyfriend that got more than 3 million views and attracted Nathan's attention. He's the owner of Ashmore Records. Sophie says the contract is standard, no way out. Unless, Danny says, they can prove that Nathan or PMG haven't been holding up their end. However, there are no suchs signs. Everything was going great until PMG decided not to release the album. Danny reveals he posed as a radio promotor and did some recon at PMG. They told him that they never got Kelsey's record. Nathan never sent over the masters. Sophie says the album's finished. They need to find out if and why Nathan's lying. Danny suggests Sophie goes undercover.

Sophie and Danny are at Ashmore Records, where Nathan's giving them a tour. It's a place where artists work and write together, like a year-long writing camp. Nathan says they generate a lot of material very quickly. It's not for everyone. He asks Sophie if she'd be interested in that.

Danny and Sophie are meeting with Nathan in his office. Sophie takes her laptop to send Nathan some work tapes. However, she actually hacks into his computer and transfers all of his files. Meanwhile, she and Danny talk with Nathan about a special version of Blue Moon.

Back in therapy, Margot asks Alice when she first saw Ben again after he took her money. Alice says the next day, when she rigged a device of her client that she knew Ben was after. She used that to get her money back. Margot remembers that night and nods. Alice says Ben called her, but they didn't talk until she posed as Paige Baker to get to him. She was wearing a wire then, hoping to get a confession, but he only told her he loved her. Then he returned the money that the Princess gave him. Margot recalls that Ben lied to her and told her that the account was frozen by the Princess's brother. Alice then talks about the bracelet. She's lying to everyone in her life, but the fact is that Ben's a criminal. Margot notes that Alice knows his real name, while Alice states she needs to put him and the people he works with away.

Rhys has a job for Ben and himself, but Ben insists that Reggie is his partner. Rhys says he's gone to great lengths to have a package delivered to the hotel, and they're going to steal it. The package is an investment. They turn around and watch a handcuffed woman entering the hotel with two marshals. Rhys says they're going to steal her. Reggie says they don't do kidnapping. Rhys says she's Leah Wells, a counterfeiter. She's the best in the business. She's here because she agreed to testify against her old boss, Jordan Hamlin. The Hamlin clan is dangerous. So, they have to get Leah away from the feds before the Hamlins kill her. Ben and Reggie object, but Rhys doesn't listen.

Dao's in Valerie's office. He's found Rhys Griffiths's shell company and he's traced his credit card. He's staying at the Weatherby Hotel. He asks Valerie to have lunch, but she declines. She calls Alice into her office and tells her they found Rhys. Dao has agents at the hotel, so one misstep and they have him. Alice says she'll leave the two of them, but they quickly say they're done. Alice knows what's going on anyway and smiles. She walks out.

Sophie and Danny have news about Nathan. They found out about contracts he has with Incendiary Entertainment, a porn company that specializes in celebrity sex tapes. Now they know what the final recording with Kelsey is that Nathan told PMG about.

Back at Ashmore Records, Kelsey yells at Nathan for recording her and Tyler. Nathan admits to it and says all the profits will go to recouping the cost of her record. He's trying to help her. Making a great album is not enough anymore. People need a story, and once people hear about or see the sex tape, she'll be the biggest artist in the world. This is how she can get the world's attention. Kelsey objects, but Nathan's just sent the link out. He promises she'll be #1 in the charts by tonight. Alice says they'll sue him. He thinks that's great because it'll keep the story alive, but they won't win because they signed contracts that everything in his studio belongs to him. He promises Kelsey that she'll be thanking him by this time tomorrow.

Rhys is talking to Ben and Reggie about Leah Wells and Jordan Hamlin. He didn't appreciate her excellent work and sold her out to the feds, who then made a deal with Leah. They can win her over by making her feel loved. Reggie says they'll never get close because she's surrounded by marshals. Rhys says Reggie can get close. Rhys has prepared a fake identity, assistent US attorney Terrence Davenpont. Rhys explains the plan.

Ben dresses for the part and goes to the suite. He shows his ID and the marshals let him in. Ben tells Leah that he can get her out, but she needs to do as he says. First, she needs to ask for a transfer because she's convinced there are criminals in this hotel. During the transfer, his associates will intercept her, protect her from Hamlin's thugs, and offer her a very generous salary for her continued services. All she has to do is sign the transfer request. Leah says she could scream and have him arrested. In fact, it would probably up her witness protection deal. Leah has a few demands of her own if he wants her to work with him.

Ben tells Leah he's in no position to negotiate. Leah says her terms are non-negotiable. First, she wants 50% of the take. Second, she wants Jordan Hamlin dead, which has to happen because without her testimony, he'll come after her. Third, she wants Paul McCartney.

Back in the hotel room, Rhys says they can't get Paul McCartney, but Ben reveals it's her dog. Her dog was impounded by the FBI after Leah got taken into custody. They can get it, but Rhys doesn't want to give up 50% of his take. Reggie reminds them it's their take and they start bickering. However, when Ben requests they do this without killing anyone, the two of them agree he's still not getting they're gangsters. There is no other counterfeiter, so they need to find a way around her demands. Rhys says he'll take care of it.

Rhys wants to ask her for help, but can't bring himself to do it. Margot tells him to just get the dog and hold him hostage until Leah caves on her other demands. Rhys tells Margot she's good and asks her to come back to the family, but she's not feeling very familial right now. Ben asks if that is because of Alice. Margot says she's beautiful, smart, and she doesn't trust anyone. And she's in love with Benjamin Jones. Rhys is shocked that he's told her his name. Margot says she doesn't know everything yet, but she does know that Ben's lied to her about everything. Rhys says that's bad, because that means that Ben is the problem, not Alice.

At AVI, Valerie, Alice, and Danny are watching the leaked sex tape. It's got 4.4 milllion views and climbing. Alice tried everything to stop it, but to no avail. Sophie says they didn't break any laws. Technically, it's a performance. Also, Nathan was right, because her album's getting really popular. Kelsey turned off her phone, and Tyler didn't reply to Sophie's texts either. Danny then says Kelsey just tweeted about taking matter into her own hands. She geotagged the tweet. She's at Nathan's. The team quickly leaves.

When they arrive, Kelsey's taken out of the building on a gurney. Tyler found her in the tub, she overdosed. Tyler yells at Nathan that he did this to her, and the two start fighting. Danny and Alice pull them apart. As Nathan continues to struggle, Alice floors him. Nathan thanks her, because this will get many hits. Alice then notices the eager press around them.

Valerie's watching the news report about Kelsey's overdose. There's a statement from Nathan, who says they'll see them all on the road later this year. Alice enters in time to hear the tour announcement. Valerie asks her about Kelsey. Danny says they pumped her stomach. Tyler's with her. The doctors says she'll be okay. Sophie says she won't if she has to keep working for Nathan.

Margot asks Alice why she's going after the people Ben works with, since she has her money back. Alice says she doesn't know. Justice, or revenge, maybe. It may not be the healthiest way to move on. She realizes she should just let it go, but there's a tiny piece of her that needs to have been right about Ben. That he actually is a good person, that he is the man she fell in love with. That they'd have a chance if it weren't for these other people. She wouldn't have wasted a year of her life with someone who didn't love her. That piece of her keeps wondering, what if he is the love of her life? Margot says the love of your life is always the love you can't have. Alice wonders if this is just her wanting what she can't have.

Ben meets with Rhys, who figures the plan worked. Ben would describe it as a new low.

Reggie carries Paul McCartney into the hotel as Leah's being moved. She sees the dog, and as she passes Reggie, he gestures he's going to kill the dog.

Ben tells Rhys she got the message, and signed the paper the minute she got back to her room.

Dao has found out about Leah Wells. The Kensington Firm has to act quickly now if they want her, because she's being moved to another hotel. Alice insists on joining Dao when they'll interfere with the intercept. It's happening at 4 o'clock, so they better get going.

Ben's in the lobby of the Weatherby Hotel, and then sees Alice and Dao outside.

He returns to Rhys in the hotel room and tells him they need to leave. Rhys decides to take Leah now, ahead of schedule. Ben asks if he's out of his mind. Rhys loads his gun and admits that he is.

Rhys and Ben get off the elevator. Ben says this is a mistake since the place is now crowling with marshals and feds. They then see the door to the suite is open. They enter and find two marshals on the floor. Since they're still alive, Ben guesses their food was drugged. Rhys says Leah's gone. They go to leave, but then hear people coming up in the hallway. They slip back into the room and close the door. Alice and Dao are outside. Dao knocks on the door while Ben and Rhys search for a way out, but there is none. Rhys takes his gun and points to the door. On the other side, Alice asks the hotel staffer to open the door for them. She gets behind Dao, who has his gun pointed at the door as well. Inside the room, the marshals have recovered and they hold Ben and Rhys at gunpoint. Ben shows his fake ID to calm everyone down. Right before Dao can open the door, Reggie appears with a gun pointed at Dao. He says he's a US marshal and tells them that they have no right to be here. He says his ASAC would like a word with them. Alice and Dao walk off, but soon find that Reggie has disappeared. Dao and Alice return to the room and find two dead marshals on the floor.

Back in their own hotel room, Rhys defends his decision to kill the marshals. Reggie asks where the dog is. Rhys says both the dog and Leah are gone. Ben's watching the news. There's a report about Jordan Hamlin's murder. "Margot," Rhys says.

Margot calls Rhys and tells him he never learns. The most important thing is to know your mark. Threatening the dog was stupid. Now, Leah has agreed to partner with Margot and Margot's way to solidify that agreement was killing Jordan. Margot's with Leah in another hotel, where Leah's been reunited with her dog. Rhys tells Margot she's made a mistake, because she stole from their mother and he's going to tell on her.

Rhys asks Ben if he knew about this, but Ben denies this. Rhys then threatens to hurt Alice and reveals he knows all about her. He can't wait to meet her, so he suggests that they stay loyal to him. He then goes to call his mother. Reggie asks Ben why they're in business with these people.

Alice has gathered the team in the conference room. She's admitted to everything relating to Ben. She wanted to uncover the truth and ended up lying to all of them. She's done now with everything. It's Dao's problem. She's going to focus on Kelsey and Tyler now. Valerie says they're both so young. Alice asks about their ages. Kelsey's 20 and Tyler's 19. Alice asks how long they've been at Nathan's. Sophie replies two years. Alice smiles and says that means Tyler was almost 18 when Nathan started filming him, meaning Nathan filmed a minor having sex. That means they can charge him with possession of child pornography and child exploitation with the intent to distribute, which is 5 to 20 years in jail. Alice calls Dao. Nathan's about to discover that their is such thing as bad press.

Nathan's arrested by Dao, and the press is outside his building to capture every moment of it.

The team is meeting with Kelsey. Alice tells her that with Nathan on trial as a sex offender, PMG has to sever ties with Ashmore Records, meaning Kelsey will be free. Kelsey says Nathan was right. She got publicity. She has no idea what to do now. Valerie and Alice say she can do whatever she wants, on her own terms from now on. Whatever she wants, they'll be there for her. Danny, Alice, and Valerie want to see the old videos of Sophie. Kelsey thanks them all.

Later that night, Danny is guessing what the band was called. He asks why she won't show him the videos. She asks why he wants to see them. He replies because she won't show them. She wishes him goodnight and leaves. He returns to his desk and finds that Kelsey e-mailed him a link to a video of Sophie singing Blue Moon while playing the ukulele.

Right before entering her house, Ben gets a call from Alice. She takes it and immediately brings up the US marshals that were murdered. That's why he's calling. She opens the door and finds Ben and Dao in her living room. Ben jokes she'd be less likely to pull a gun on him if he showed up with the authorities. He tells her that he chooses her.


  • Alice Vaughan
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Reginald Lennox III
  • Danny Yoon
  • Jules Dao
  • Valerie Anderson
  • Margot Bishop
  • Sophie Novak
  • Nathan Ashmore
  • Rhys Griffiths
  • Leah Wells
  • Kelsey Braddock
  • Tyler
  • BNC News Anchor
  • US Marshal
  • Hotel Staffer Davis
  • Jessica Philips

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Alice VaughanEdit

Rhys and Margot discussed Alice and Rhys believed they needed to neutralize her, but Margot said Ben would never forgive them and instead wanted to find out more of what Alice knew about him. She bribed Alice's new therapist to get her out of the way and took her place. She admitted to Margot that she was still seeing Ben and had been sleeping with him. She also said that Ben wanted to run away with her and part of her really wanted to do it. Margot was upset to learn that Ben had given Alice the money from Zara and had told her his real name. Alice admitted she wasn't sure why she kept going after Ben and the people he worked with. She said maybe she wanted revenge, but though it would be better to let it go and move on, but a tiny piece of her wanted to be right about, to know he's actually a good person, the man she fell in love with.

Kelsey BraddockEdit

Kelsey came to AVI wanting to get out of a contract with a major label. She recorded an album, but PMG wouldn't release it because she recorded it with Nathan, who had a deal with them. They wouldn't tell her or Nathan why they wouldn't release the album. They looked into proving that PMG wasn't holding up their terms in the contract. Danny said he flirted at PMG and was told that Nathan never sent them the album, that he said he was working on one last recording. Sophie looked into it and found out Nathan had a contract with a porn company that specialized in celebrity sex tapes. He said it was how they'd make her album successful. He said since it was filmed in the studio he owned, he owned the recording rightfully. After the sex tape release and album release, views were in the millions and so were album sales. Kelsey was silent until she tweeted that she was taking matters into her own hands from Nathan's. When they arrived, she was being taken to the hospital after overdosing in the tub. Alice and her team later looked into it and found that Tyler, Kelsey's boyfriend, wasn't yet 18 when Nathan started recording them. Nathan was arrested for child pornography, forcing PMG to release Kelsey from her contract.

Benjamin Jones/Kensington FirmEdit

Dao worked with Alice and Valerie to look into Rhys and the Kensington Firm. Dao discovered that the hotels were a front for the Firm. They figured out that they were targeting Leah Wells as a counterfeiter and planned to intercept the transfer. They went to the hotel, but Reggie distracted them long enough that Ben and Rhys escaped. Ben later came to Alice and said that he was choosing her.

Leah WellsEdit

Rhys enlisted Ben, who brought along Reggie, to retrieve a package. He then told him the package was Leah Wells, a counterfeiter, the best in the business. She'd made a deal to roll on her previous boss. Ben posed as US Attorney Davenport to get access to Leah. He offered her a deal to get her out of there. She said she had some demands of her own if she was going to give up her current witness protection deal. She wanted half the take and wanted Hamlin dead, so he couldn't come after her. She also wanted Paul McCartney, her dog. Margot suggested they use Paul McCartney to get Leah to relent on her other demands. Reggie got the dog, but showed him to Leah and threatened to kill the dog. She signed the paperwork as soon as she got back into her room. When they went to get Leah, however, they found the US Marshals drugged and Leah gone. When they went to leave, they were trapped by Dao and Alice coming to the door. Rhys prepared to kill them, but the US Marshals woke up just as Reggie arrived outside to stop Dao from entering. Reggie then gave them the slip and helped Ben and Rhys escape, leaving the two real US Marshals dead. They then saw on the news that Hamlin was dead. Rhys figured out that Margot was behind it. She had Paul McCartney and Leah.


Song Performer Scene
"I Want You to Be My Baby" Stephanie Hunt and Riley Neldam
  • Kelsey and Tyler sing this song in their video.
"Disastro" Sonny J
  • Reggie passes Leah as he carries Paul and threatens to kill the dog.
  • Ben gives Rhys the signed paperwork.
  • Dao tells Valerie and Alice about Leah and the transfer. Alice says they better get going.
"Blue Moon" Elvy Yost
  • Sophie performs this song in a video from her past.
  • Alice finds Dao and Ben in her house. Ben announces that he's chosen their side.

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The Catch 1x08 Promo "The Package" (HD)

The Catch 1x08 Promo "The Package" (HD)

  • This episode scored 4.23 million viewers.
  • This episode brings up that Sophie is a great singer, something that's shown again two episodes later.
  • Part of this episode takes place on April 22, as seen on Alice's calendar.


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Alice: He wants me to run away with him. And that's why I'm here. Because part of me really wants to do it.
Margot: Well, don't worry. I won't let you.

Margot: You say you're done with him, but you're still going after the people he works with. Why? I mean, you got your money back. You got the answers you were looking for. What do you want from them?
Alice: I don't know. Justice? Revenge? It's probably not the healthiest way of moving on. I should just let it go. I should just move on. But then there's some tiny, terrible, little piece of me that just needs to have been right about him, that he actually is a good person, that he is that man I fell in love with. And that were it not for these other people, he'd be that guy. We'd have a chance. And I wouldn't have wasted a year of my life with somebody who didn't love me. I should just let him go. But then that terrible, tiny, little piece of me just keeps asking, "What if he's the love of my life?"
Margot: I think the love of your life is always the love you can't have.

Reggie: You're back in with Rhys?
Ben: Not as my partner. You're my partner.
Reggie: I'm not working for Rhys. He doesn't even know my name.
Ben: He knows your name. He just playfully chooses not to use it.
Reggie: Which is why I choose not to work for him.

Margot: She's beautiful. She's smart. She doesn't trust anyone or anything. And she's in love with Benjamin Jones.
Rhys: That sounds like someone we both know.
Margot: No, no, you don't understand. She's not in love with Christopher Hall. She's in love with Benjamin Jones.

Margot: What I do know is that the entire time he was lying to her about what he was, he was also lying to me about the cons and the money and everything.
Rhys: Oh, that is bad. Because that means that Alice Vaughan is not the problem. The problem is Benji.

Rhys: If you want to keep a certain redhead healthy and happy... Yeah, that's right. I know all about you and Alice Vaughan. And I can't wait to meet her. So, for both your sakes, I suggest you stay loyal to me. I'm just gonna call my mum.
Reggie: (to Ben) Tell me again why we're in business with these people.

Danny: The Ukulele Twins?
Sophie: No.
Danny: Tiny Guitars R Us?
Sophie: No.
Danny: The Twee Sisters.
Sophie: That's actually really good.
Danny: Why won't you show me your videos?
Sophie: Why do you want to see them?
Danny: Because you won't show them to me, of course.

Ben: Figured you'd be less likely to pull a gun on me if I showed up with the authorities. You asked me to choose. I choose you.

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