The Mockingbird is the season two and series finale and the 20th overall episode of The Catch.

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While Alice and Ben are forced to face their pasts, a shocking betrayal could change everything.

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Margot wonders what to call Tommy, but he says Mockingbird is just fine. He prefers to be hard to reach since he finds it stops people from bothering him for every little detail, thus giving him time to deal with problems such as his product being hijacked from his territory. Margot says Keegan's clubs were her territory since they were finalizing a deal. Since Mockingbird is new in town, she's willing to cut him a deal. She declines a call from Ben and says she's willing to give him back his product if he gives her back Keegan's clubs, or else she has 150 men at her disposal that will obstruct his business. Tommy hopes she doesn't mean Taggart's crew, becaus they're his now. He's also forged alliances with all major crime families in town, so he's offering Margot a role. There's no Kensington Firm because he's already absorbed what little she had left, and all the other crime bosses asked him not to let her leave alive. However, that means they are afraid of her and he could someone like her on his payroll. She either gives him back the drugs, or they'll call it an active war. He tells her she's got 24 hous to overthink the proposal. He leaves and Margot answers a call from Rhys.

Margot joins Rhys, Ben, and Alice at the con artists' house. She yells at Alice about not protecting Tessa, but Alice yells back that Sophie took a bullet. Ben and Margot both ask each where they were. Ben thinks it's all because of the war with Felicity. Since everyone agrees it's Rhys's fault, Rhys wants to go finish the job, but they stop him. It's him that Felicity wants. She'll have to do with him since there's no Firm left. There has been a hostile takeover from a man calling himself Mockingbird. He's a cocky son of a bitch, but she doesn't know who he is. She then gets a call from Felicity. She answers.

Felicity tells Margot she has no intention of hurting Tessa as long as Margot does what she says. Margot puts her on speaker as she says she wants Margot and Rhys. She tells them to come at the Beechwood Dam at noon tomorrow, and to bring Ben as well so Tessa can go home with her father. Ben says they're doing this. This time, they're doing it his way.

Alice arrives at the hospital, where Valerie and Danny tell her Sophie's out of surgery and doing great. However, Sophie's parents won't let Alice see Sophie. They're not happy with AVI. They want to see them. Sophie will be fine, but in the meantime, they have Sophie's laptops with all Weatherby footage of the night that Rhys shot Felicity. If they can decrypt it, they can figure out who saved Felicity's life and who she's working with.

At Alice's house, Ben and Alice are looking at an aerial view of the dam to figure out a plan. Alice is set on helping Ben and Tessa. Ben says he's ready to die for this girl, while a few weeks ago, he didn't know she existed. He thinks Felicity will expect them to try something. Alice says Felicity won't be expecting her.

Ben and Alice are presenting their plan to Rhys and Margot.

Ben drives Rhys and Margot to the dam while Alice is their eyes and ears, sitting in a van parked a quarter mile away from the dam. Valerie, meanwhile, is in the van working on Sophie's laptop. Danny is on a ridge overlooking the dam with a sniper, which is the only gun in the plan.

As two SUVs arrive on the dam, Valerie has accessed the Weatherby files. As Felicity and Tessa, held at gunpoint, get out, Danny ask what the plan is. Alice tells him to blow the tires after the exhange has been made and Tessa and Ben are at a safe distance. While the con trio are proving they're not carrying guns, Valerie finds that a call was made at 9:36 PM from Rhys's room, meaning 6 minutes after he left the room that night. The call was made to another suite, which had Felix McCall in it. Valerie and Alice remember him as the former Kensington lieutenant who started working for Tessa. Alice then quickly tells Ben that it's a setup as Tessa has been working with Felicity the whole time. Tessa then draws a gun and points it at Margot. Ben wants to talk. Tessa says there'll be plenty of time since they're coming with them. As Margot and Rhys are taken into the SUVs, Tessa has a message for Alice. If she or her people try to thwart their departure, she will kill Ben. Tessa has Ben move to the car. Danny asks Alice if she wants him to take Tessa out, but Alice tells him to stand down.

Alice finds Justine at the house and is surprised that Ethan's there, too. They are waiting for Ben. Alice tells them he's not coming.

Alice has updated Justine on everything, including Margot. Justine asks if her CIs have been working for Margot the entire time, but Alice denies this. She swears Ben didn't lie to Justine and recalls all he did for her. Alice says the only lead they have is Mockingbird, as in the Mockingbird Trust. Justine's surprised she knows about that and announces that Ben is in so much trouble.

Margot has just told Felicity about Mockingbird, for whom she now works. Tessa swears she didn't know. Ben asks Felicity who this girl is. Felicity says this really is their daughter. Tessa says Felicity's the one who found her and told her about who she is. Rhys wonders why Felicity used Tessa instead of coming back and killing him. Margot realizes Felicity wanted Kensington. Felicity thought about staging a coup, but it is a family business after all. Sybil told her about Tessa when she got drunk, so Felicity seized the opportunity. Ben tells Tessa Felicity will kill her the minute she starts thinking for herself. Felicity says that as soon as Margot and Rhys have killed each other in what will look like a gruesome sibling spat, Tessa will be queen and Felicity will serve as her counsel. Margot says there's nothing to be queen of now that Mockingbird has taken over. Felicity tells her to call Mockingbird so they can arrange something, but Margot says she has no way of contacting him. Felicity wants to have Margot killed since she's of no use, but Ben says Mockingbird won't agree to meet if it's not Margot who answers his call. Felicity then agrees to wait for his call.

Ethan shows Alice a picture of Carol, who's been laundering Mockingbird's money. Ethan has agreed to drop the charges against Carol if she helps them find Mockingbird. Ethan then brings up what he said last night. She's glad that he said it. She's with Ben now, but she was going to spend the rest of her life with him. She's always gonna love him. He's not sure if that makes it better or worse. She says that's just the way it is. Alice says she'll check in with Justine to see where they are with Carol. "Let's find Ben," Ethan says.

Carol is at AVI and Justine tells her she'll get the judge to give Carol  shorter sentence if she helps them find Mockingbird. She hopes she can have her job back when she gets out, but Alice says that's a no. Val tells Carol to focus. Carol says she has no idea who Mockingbird is, as all she knows is that he left an envelope with money on her desk every week. The money he gave her to invest in Ethan's company were all EFTs. Alice says that generates some kind of receipt, but Carol says they'd go directly into the Trust. Alice says they can send an SOS instead of a receipt. Justine suggests telling him that her identity has been compromised, and then request an emergency meeting with her and her team. They will then pose as her team.

Justine, Valerie, and Alice follow Carol into the room where the meeting is set. Tommy comes down the stairs and greets Carol.

Summary to be continued


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Margot met with Mockingbird, Tommy, and told her he'd swayed much of her crew over to him and offered her the chance to work for him. He gave her 24 hours to make her decision.

The FBI used Carol Cooney to draw him out early and once Alice learned it was Tommy, they used him to set up a meeting with Felicity in order to rescue Ben, Margot, and Rhys. Margot and Tessa escaped just before they arrived and arrested Felicity. While they were gone, Tommy disappeared with two people posing as FBI agents there to arrest him. They tracked his suit jacket to a tailor and used it to figure out that he'd taken over all the criminal operations Ben and Rhys had shut down. Justine, Ben, and Rhys were the only people who knew about all their jobs, meaning that Rhys had told Tommy about them.

Justine pressured Ben to tell her where Margot and Tessa were. She finally got the information from Danny and went to Alice's house to pick them up. However, they escaped before the FBI arrived and Ben disappeared with them, violating the terms of his deal. Justine said she was going to arrest someone that night and would make it Alice if she had to, but Tommy came in and offered to help her take down all Rhys's operations in exchange for her leaving Alice alone.

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Margot was horrified to learn Tessa had been kidnapped. Ben, Margot, and Rhys were summoned to meet at a dam. When they went to the meeting, they were taken just after Alice figured out that Tessa had been working with Felicity all along. The three of them were brought back to Felicity. She planned to make it look like Margot and Rhys killed each other. Felicity set up a meeting with Mockingbird in order to make her takeover complete, but the FBI came instead and arrested Felicity shortly after Margot and Tessa escaped out the back.

They went to Alice's house, but fled again when Justine found out that's where they were. They used Ethan's plane to flee the country, along with Ben.


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The Catch 2x10 Promo "The Mockingbird" (HD) Season 2 Episode 10 Promo Season Finale00:30

The Catch 2x10 Promo "The Mockingbird" (HD) Season 2 Episode 10 Promo Season Finale

  • This episode scored 2.96 million viewers.
  • This is the only episode of the whole series not to feature Elvy Yost as Sophie Novak.
  • That also makes this the only episode of the entire series to have a main character not appear while the actor is credited.


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