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The Hard Drive is the sixth episode of the second season and the 16th overall episode of The Catch.

Short SummaryEdit

Alice and Val reexamine the cold case that brought them together as partners, and Ben and Rhys are faced with a major threat when they are told that their undercover status may have been compromised.

Full SummaryEdit

Alice is having sex with someone. It's revealed to be Ethan. It's 2009 and he's preparing to make a pitch to the city planning board. Ethan flirts with Alice as they get up out of bed. He thinks Alice should take the meeting, but she's taking bids for the news sports arena. She asks when she's going to make him partner and he counters by asking when she'll marry him. She doesn't think people will take her seriously if she does. He says he'll retire and take care of the kids while she runs the business. There's a knock at the door and when Ethan answers it, it's Nick and Valerie, detectives with the LAPD. They're arresting him for the murder of Steven Mason, another cop. Alice pushes Valerie, trying to stop her from arresting Ethan and gets arrested as well.

Alice gets her mug shot taken.

Ben asks if Margot thinks it's safe leaving Tessa alone in her room. Margot asks if he means for Tessa or for them, then assures him she placed a guard outside the door. Margot knows he has questions. She lied to him fifteen years ago about a Barcelona assignment. He doesn't know why she did it. Margot said she knew he'd want to settle down and be a family. She liked their life together. A baby would have changed everything. He says they should have made the decision together. If they had, things with them might have ended differently. Margot says he can take her if he wants to make decisions for her. Tessa hates her anyway. Ben says he can't take her because he's working undercover for the FBI. He wants to be involved in her life. He has to leave, but he'll come back in the morning and they'll find out what Tessa wants. Margot says she wants to join the Firm. Ben doesn't want Tessa to end up like them. She deserves a shot at a normal life.

Alice is looking at her mug shot when Valerie comes in and says they don't have to do it. Alice says they want to stay on his good side if he's going to be Chief of Police. Valerie asks about Alice becoming a stepmother. Alice says she's not even thinking about Tessa. She needs the case to distract her.

Alice talks to Danny and Sophie, saying they'll learn things about her she's not proud of. It's the past now. She and Valerie explain the case to the others. In 2009, Nick and Valerie were investigating the death of Steven Mason, a fellow detective. He was killed when a warehouse he was in exploded. They said it was a gas leak, but the warehouse owner was the lone holdout keeping Ethan from buying the last riverfront property. Mason was there investigating Ethan for corrupt business practices. They're going to find out if he paid the cops off to drop the investigation.

Alice tells Valerie that Ethan didn't murder Mason. She knows because they were together all night. They went to dinner then a club. Valerie implies that Alice was using drugs, but Alice denies it. Alice says they left the club at 2 or so. They took a cab home. Then the went to bed. Just then Martin Dixon comes in and says the family is there. Valerie says Mason's family is outside. She shows a picture of him with his wife and his two kids, who will now grow up without a father. Alice knows Valerie has no evidence that Ethan killed Mason or she wouldn't be grilling Alice so hard.

Alice lays out how their investigation will go. She wants to know if Ethan did it and how he got away with it.

Ben goes home. He's greeted by a man with a gun telling him not to move. He freezes, but then subdues the guy. Justine comes out and says Ben's one of hers. Rhys comes down the stairs. He's thankful that Ben's not dead, because they've been made. Justine says that's not necessarily true. There was a break-in at the FBI and there's a chance Ben and Rhys have been compromised, meaning they'll be killed.

To be continued


  • Alice Vaughan
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Danny Yoon
  • Valerie Anderson
  • Margot Bishop
  • Sophie Novak
  • Rhys Griffiths
  • Sybil Griffiths
  • Nicholas Turner
  • Ethan Ward
  • Troy
  • Tessa Riley
  • Justine Diaz
  • Donna Kane
  • Marty Dixon
  • Alfie

Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit


Cons and CasesEdit

Nicholas Turner/Ethan WardEdit

AVI looked into the Ethan Ward case to figure out what had really happened there. In 2009, Ethan was arrested for the murder of Steven Mason, a police officer. He had died in a warehouse explosion. It was allegedly a gas leak. Mason was at the warehouse investigating Ethan for corruption and bribery. The warehouse was the last property Ethan hadn't purchased on the riverfront. The charge of murder against Ethan was mysteriously dropped. They investigated and learned that Mason had spent time in rehab for addiction. They also found out that his widow was living a lavish lifestyle, making them believe Ethan was paying her off. in the past, he'd hired Danny to follow Alice and make sure she didn't talk to the cops. They discovered that she'd invested in Ethan's business and that she was giving $10,000 to a fake charity registered to Marty Dixon. They pretended to be the bank, calling him to come remove any items from the safe deposit box he had opened. He retrieved an envelope and they confronted him outside, where he said it was what kept Ethan out of jail. It contained a suicide note from Mason, who was struggling and killed himself and made it look like he was killed in the line of duty so his family could collect insurance money. Marty kept a copy of the suicide note and used it to blackmail Mason's wife for the money. Ethan was innocent.

The Hard DriveEdit

There was a security breech at the FBI, meaning Rhys and Ben were possibly compromised as CIs. Worried they'd been made, Ben and Rhys wanted to flee to save their lives. The FBI was investigating the break-in and Ben wanted them to be involved. Rhys still wanted to flee, but Ben said they couldn't because of Tessa. They reviewed the CCTV footage from the surrounding area and found what looked like the guys. One had a tattoo of a trident, leading Justine to conclude that they were from Blackwell, which the FBI was investigating. Alice got them fake identities to use and Ben, Justine, and Rhys set an appointment at Blackwell to get access and stole a security badge to get into the data center. They found that the hard drive was not an actual drive, but a person. He knew who both of them were and asked if they were there to rescue him. He had an eidetic memory and said the job was nice at first, but then he became like a prisoner. He knew enough about Blackwell to shut them down. In order to avoid arrest, he offered to help Justine find her missing husband.


Song Performer Scene
"Where Did You Go" KP
"Prisoner" Har Mar Superstar feat. Fabrizio Moretti
"Serious Love" Anya Marina

Notes and TriviaEdit

The Catch 2x06 Promo "The Hard Drive" (HD) Season 2 Episode 6 Promo00:31

The Catch 2x06 Promo "The Hard Drive" (HD) Season 2 Episode 6 Promo

  • This episode scored 3.15 million viewers.
  • This episode features flashbacks of how AVI came to be and how Alice, Valerie, and Danny met.


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