The Happy Couple is the ninth episode of season one and 9th overall episode of The Catch.

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Ben makes a critical decision just as the matriarch of the Kensington Firm, Sybil Griffiths, pays an unexpected visit that throws everyone off their game. Meanwhile, Alice has a breakthrough in therapy that helps her and her team get that much closer to taking down Ben's associates.

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Alice is confused. Ben confirms he's working with Dao. Dao says he's a confidential informant against Rhys. Alice asks how this happened. Ben reveals that Rhys knows about her. Dao wants to move Alice, but she declines because then Rhys would know something's up. She checks with Dao if he's actually fine with this. He is. Ben pours them a drink and says it's not safe. She says she'll be safe as long as he does what Rhys says. She asks Ben what's in this for him. He replies 5 to 10 years, which is a reduced sentence. Alice demands blanket immunity. Ben gets a text from Rhys, asking him to come to a restaurant. As he leaves, Alice calls her lawyer.

Margot and Ben are surprised to see each other at the empty restaurant. They both got a text from Rhys. However, Rhys himself is surprised to see the two of them when he enters. He didn't text them. A woman enters, followed by a bodyguard, and reveals that she's behind this. It's Sybil Griffiths, Margot and Rhys's mother. She tells them they're having a family dinner.

Sybil says it's nice to be back together again. All they need now is Margot back with the family. Sybil says she stole from the family. Margot says she only made Leah a better deal, but Sybil points out she's in no position to be making deals since she's starting from scratch. Margot suggests Sybil make her an offer. Margot wants what's hers: the company. When her father died, he made it clear that she was to succeed him. Rhys tells Margot that he was chosen over her. Sybil tells Margot that she wants so much that it gets exhausting. Sybil says the secret to a good relationship is not wanting anything. Margot denies that she wants anything from her, but Sybil thinks that Margot pulled that stunt with Leah to get her attention. Sybil tells Margot to give her what's hers, or she'll take it from her. Margot repeats those words back to her. Margot leaves. Ben wants to go after her, but Sybil stops him because he's with them now.

At AVI, Alice and Valerie are watching Gordon and Dao talk in the conference room. Valerie acts a little weird and Alice figures out she's slept with Dao. Valerie refuses to discuss it and checks with the guys. They've come to an agreement. Dao tells Gordon he's heard a lot about him. Valerie makes it clear that she wants him to go. He leaves. Alice thanks Valerie and Gordon. Gordon says that if Ben can actually take the Kensington Firm down, he'll get immunity. As their friend, Gordon asks them if that's what they want after what he did to them. Gordon wants to put him away for the rest of his life, because he's not sure that Ben won't do this to Alice again.

In her office, Alice is watching photos of her and Ben. She comes across some articles about Princess Zara and observes the pictures of the Princess.

Alice is back in therapy and tells Margot that Ben's giving up his criminal life. He's going straight. He has a plan and he's taking steps. Margot asks about the plan. Alice then notices the necklace she's wearing and recognizes it from a picture of the Princess. 

Alice shows Ben pictures she took of Margot as she left the building. Ben swears he didn't know about this, but since this is his fault, he'll figure something out. Alice reveals she told her everything, except for Ben working with Dao. Alice plans on confronting her, because that woman did nothing but hurt her.

Valerie insists on working with Alice to take Margot down after what she did to their firm.

Ben finds Reggie in his hotel room. Reggie says Rhys wants them to find Margot and Leah. He asks Ben what's going on. Ben says Sybil's in town. They had a family meeting. Reggie thought they were family. Ben says they are, which is why he offers Reggie a lot of money to get as far away from here as possible. Reggie asks what's going on. Ben says the family's going down, and he wants to keep Reggie out of it. Reggie says he's the only person Ben can trust right now. Ben knows that, but he needs Reggie to trust him and go.

Reggie's in Margot's hotel room, which has been turned into some sort of operation center. Reggie's told her everything that Ben told him. Margot decides to stay out of it. Ben, Rhys, and Sybil can take each other out. They don't need Ben. Paul McCartney comes in and Reggie picks him up. Leah walks in and Margot introduces her to Reggie, who'll be working with them. Leah says she still needs her permission as 50/50 partner. Margot's not interested in another partnership, but Leah points out she knows nothing about counterfeiting, so she'll get them all busted if she acts on her own. It's time to start trusting people again.

Sybil has a job for Rhys and Ben. She shows them a picture of Morgan Foster and Stephanie Duncan. They are to be married in a few days, and Sybil wants them to secure invitations to the wedding. It'll be the social event of the season, so it's difficult to get in. Ben asks what the con is. Sybil says they'll find out once they get the invitations.

Morgan Foster's trying on tuxedos, but he doesn't like the one he's wearing. Ben walks up behind him and Morgan says he wants something like Ben's tuxedo. Ben convinces Carlos, the tailor, to make Morgan a tux by Saturday.

Morgan's talking to Ben about the wedding organisation problems. The restaurant that they booked for the rehearsal dinner suddenly has rat problems. Ben calls Rhys, who knows all about the rat problem, and pretends to fix another space for the rehearsal dinner at the Weatherby. Morgan asks him who he is. Ben says he's Charlie Nicholas and that he's happy to help. He gives Morgan his fake business card.

The team at AVI meets in Alice's office. Danny got into contact with Jessica Philips, Alice's real therapist, who told him all about Margot's threat. She hasn't dared to deposit the check Margot gave her. The team has no information about Margot whatsoever. They know nothing about her, so no way to find her. Alice says they do.

Alice is back in a therapy session and thanks Margot for seeing her on such short notice.

Alice says she thinks she's been lying to herself. All this time that she's been chasing Ben, she told herself she did so because she wanted answers. She needed to understand how this happened, but then Ben started to tell her everything. Margot asks what he told her. That it wasn't his fault, Alice replies, that it was his partner who set her up. They were together for 15 years, but he felt like a prisoner with her. He could hardly stand to touch her. He would have left her a long time ago, but she's so fragile that he was scared to leave her, fearing she'd hurt herself, or him, or Alice. Alice gets up to get a glass of water and drops a tracking device in Margot's bag in the process. Alice says she started to think that this woman really must be a monster, and that Ben actually loves her, not that woman.

Alice gets in the van and tells her team she's done with therapy for a while. The device is working, so all they have to do is wait for Margot to make her move. Danny lets Dao know.

Morgan and Stephanie are tasting the food at the Weatherby with Rhys and Ben, and they love the food and the space. Stephanie says they don't have to pretend that it matters what they think. It's Morgan's mother who decides everything. Morgan says it's not even about them getting married anymore. He asks Rhys and Ben if they are married. They say no. Morgan asks how long they've been together. Rhys replies 15 years, impressing the couple. Rhys says it hasn't been easy. Morgan and Stephanie ask how they do it. Rhys replies open relationship while Ben says commitment. Stephanie wishes straight people could have those. Morgan says they hit a roadblock writing their vows. They felt disingenuous. They can't promise forever. Rhys says you can only promise that it won't last. Ben tries to save the situation, but Rhys blows it when he starts talking about how marriage is a business proposition, not love. Morgan and Stephanie agree, and then decide to call off the wedding out of love. They leave to make calls, leaving a dazed Rhys and Ben.

Leah and Reggie are working on the portrait for their money, all the while flirting a little. Margot comes in in a bad mood and says that Ben's been seeing Alice for this entire time. Reggie admits he knew. Margot reveals that she posed as Alice's therapist and found out that Ben's been telling Alice how repulsive she is. Leah points out that that means her cover's blown. Margot checks her bag and finds the tracking device. Reggie then tells Leah that Alice is a P.I.

Danny and Alice are ready to go in, but Sophie says Dao wanted them to wait for clarence. They put on their bullet proof vests and get ready to leave the van, as Alice has decided they can do what they want. She opens the door, revealing Dao and his men are standing outside. He tells her Margot will get away with all of it if they go in without a warrant. Alice sits down.

Dao, the FBI, Alice, Danny, and Sophie burst into the room, but Margot and her partners are gone. The computers are still warm. They just missed them. Alice says at least they have a warrant. Alice's phone rings. It's Margot, telling her that poor Alice has been duped again.

Dao says at least they prevented them for taking their equipment, but Sophie says that judging from the range of serial numbers, they made over 20,000 $100 bills. However, Alice knows that counterfeiters never use their own money. Sophie wonders what they'll do with the money.

Margot, Reggie, and Leah are in a car. Margot wants to burn the money, but Leah and Reggie disagree. They worked to hard on this. Leah tells her that they agreed to 50% of the take, but if there's no take, there's no deal, meaning Margot has to get out of the car. Leah and Reggie will then sell the money, and Reggie will take Margot's half. Margot says the FBI will be searching everywhere for that money, but Leah points out that at least they'll make some profit.

Back at the office, Danny and Sophie inform Alice and Valerie on Leah's skills. Currently, she's on the run with no place to go. Her first arrest was in Los Angeles when she was involved in a counterfeit ring involving foreign-currency exchanges, so their best guess is that she's returning to her roots. They'll need to keep an eye on every currency exchange in the city, meaning 26 for each of them. Wherever she goes, the exhange will want to move the bills quickly. They'll lower their rates to attract more business. Alice asks Danny and Sophie to do some competitive rate-shopping.

Rhys and Ben are discussing how to tell Sybil. Ben's confident that Sybil still needs them. Jamison lets them into the room and they discover Sybil's having tea with George, a visibly extremely nervous man. Sybil introduces George to her son and Ben, who's been like a son, and tells him that everything she's done is to guarantee a future for them. Sybil says George has sons, too, and shows him a video of his sons playing outside the house. George tears up and begs Sybil not to hurt them. Sybil says he can protect them. He writes down a code. Sybil thanks him and promises his sons will be well taken care of, after which Jamison shoots him. Sybil then asks Rhys and Ben what they wanted to tell her. Rhys says they've been invited to a wedding.

Ben's at Alice's house and tells them about George and the access number he gave her. He also tells them that the wedding's off due to Rhys. Dao thinks Sybil will kill him when she finds out, but Alice says Ben can convince Stephanie and Morgan that marriage is worth it. He still believes that.

Rhys is panicking, but Ben says they can fix this. Morgan and Stephanie's parents are furious and their friends are calling, meaning Morgan and Stephanie want an escape. Rhys is gonna provide that for them, an all-expenses-paid getaway to the Weatherby, during which the two of them will convince the couple that their lives won't be complete without a wedding. Rhys asks how they're gonna do that. Ben replies as the happy couple Charlie and Andy.

Rhys meets with Stephanie and Morgan. Stephanie thanks him for the generous offer. Morgan asks where Charlie is. Rhys hesitates.

Morgan's with Ben and asks him why they broke up. Ben says it's not important and claims he doesn't want to interfere with the getaway. Morgan says they helped him and Stephanie, so they are going to return the favor.

In the restaurant, Rhys tells Stephanie that "Charlie" asked him to marry him, right after she and Morgan left. It was lovely. Stephanie asks what he said. Rhys says of course he said no. He's not going to tell her and Morgan that marriage is outdated and then get married himself. Stephanie doesn't understand, since they love each other and have been together for 15 years. Rhys says you'd think that that is proof enough of his love, but "Charlie" wants it made public and legal. He wants them to stand up in front of everybody and say that they're proud to call each other husband. This resonates with Stephanie.

Morgan says this is all their fault, but Ben denies that. They were doing fine and then he and Stephanie ruined everything. Ben says they only reminded him that he doesn't want to spend his life with a man who can only commit to himself. Morgan says Andy loves him. Ben says that's what he says, but he wants Andy to show it and stand up for it. He has to show that he has faith in their love. Morgan asks if he told Andy that.

Morgan and Ben enter the restaurant to meet with Stephanie and Rhys. Morgan and Stephanie go to the bar to give them some privacy. Rhys is not sure if it worked on Stephanie since he did most of the talking. He admits he's almost jealous of them. Rhys then gets down on one knee with Morgan and Stephanie watching. He loudly asks Charlie to marry him. They smile and Rhys gives him a quick kiss. Rhys then announces to the restaurant that Charlie said yes. Stephanie cheers. Ben and Rhys tell the couple that they were an inspiration. That feeling's mutual, because Stephanie and Morgan just decided to go through with the wedding. Rhys and Ben cheer. Stephanie says they would love it if Ben and Rhys could come to the wedding.

Back at AVI, Sophie and Danny have news. Four currency exchanges dropped their rates dramatically this morning and each of them got deposists of nearly $200,000. All four are owned by the same parent company, and there's a fifth downtown. Alice wants to go now so they arrive before Margot arrives, without Dao, so they can't be delayed again.

At the currency exchange, Margot approaches the reception and tells Sophie, who's posing as the receptionist, in Italian, that she has an appointment with the manager. Sophie takes Margot upstairs. Danny updates Valerie and Shawn, who are inside the van and watching the building's camera footage. Shawn gets out to cover the East entrance.

Leah and Reggie are waiting outside the building. Paul McCartney has to go potty and Reggie would like to take him. He gets out of the car, but then spots Shawn crossing the street. He recognizes him from Seth Hamilton's party and calls Margot to inform her that AVI's onto them. He tells her where to meet him. Valerie watches Margot stall on the cameras and informs the team that Margot knows. Alice appears in Margot's sight and gives her a defiant look. Margot then backs away and runs off.

Reggie gets back in the car and drives off.

The team rushes after her. Alice arrives in the alley in time to see him drive off. She informs Shawn, who runs off. Alice then turns around and sees Margot pointing a gun at her. "I'm afraid our time is up," Margot tells Alice. "You should be afraid," Valerie tells Margot, having appeared behind her with a gun pointed at her as well. Margot lowers her gun.

Margot's sitting in an interrogation room. Dao meets with Alice next-door. Since Margot hasn't said a word, Ben has invited Ben to talk to her. Dao says Margot has vital information. They are prepared to cut her a deal, and Ben's negotiating it. Ben says they all want to take down the Firm. Alice wonders what if she is willing to cooperate. Dao says they'll see if she's willing to talk first. He tells Ben he has five minutes.

Ben enters the room and sits down in front of Margot. She hates that she has to be in here with him. She asks why his hands aren't cuffed, and then realizes he sold them all out. Ben tells her they want Sybil and the Firm. They are willing to work with her. She asks if "they" includes Alice. Margot tells Ben that she and Alice have been spending time together, and that he did a great job convincing Alice that she was the one who started targeting Alice's firm. Margot says Alice has no idea who he is, or that he'll betray her again. He will, because that's who he is. He loves the con itself, the challenge of making someon believe in you. The truth is he doesn't really exist. He's no one and nothing. Alice will come to find out that out, just as she has. Ben tells Margot she can talk to Dao, who tells her what her options are. Margot says she has no options, and he's about to find out that neither has he.

Ben returns to Dao next-door, and finds that Alice is gone.

Valerie tells Alice that she cannot trust that horrible Margot. The irony is that Valerie was gonna tell Alice the exact same things about Ben, but she's not gonna do that anymore. She's not horrible. Instead, she's going to remind Alice that they don't know if Ben's gonna hurt her again, or if she and Dao are gonna hurt each other. Alice receives a call from Ben. Valerie tells her to answer the phone and find out. Valerie walks out to give her some privacy.

Ben tells Alice she can't let Margot get into her head. Alice remains silent for a moment and asks Ben if she was wrong. Ben says they wouldn't be on the phone right now if Margot was right. Ben tells her they're going to get through this. She believes him. She wishes him goodnight and hangs up.

A man enters the interrogation room and takes Margot, hands cuffed behind her back, with him.

They get off the elevator on top of the building, where a car's waiting. Sybil's inside. A surprised Margot asks her what's happening. Sybil says it's a prison break and tells her to get in. She gets in and the car drives off.

Ben enters Sybil's room and he's surprised to see Margot. Sybil says she was almost as surprised when she heard that he's working with the FBI. Ben wants to explain, but Sybil won't let him. All she needs from him is to play his part at the wedding, and now they have sufficient collateral to assure that he will: Alice Vaughan.

Alice comes out of her bathroom after a shower and finds Rhys looking at the painting on her wall with a gun in his hand. He knows Ben stole this for her and says he was always one for extravagant gestures. He then tells her he's Rhys.


  • Alice Vaughan
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Reginald Lennox III
  • Danny Yoon
  • Jules Dao
  • Valerie Anderson
  • Margot Bishop
  • Sophie Novak
  • Gordon Bailey
  • Rhys Griffiths
  • Sybil Griffiths
  • Leah Wells
  • Morgan Foster
  • Stephanie Duncan
  • Shawn Sullivan
  • Jamison (left)
  • George Tyson
  • Guard

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Kensington FirmEdit

Ben turned on Rhys and decided to start working with Dao in exchange for a reduced sentence. Alice tried to negotiate to get him immunity. Ben continued to feed them information about Sybil's activity after she came to town, including her having a man killed. Leah started teaching Reggie the art of counterfeiting. They made about $2 million, but had to escape without their equipment. Margot wanted to burn it, but Reggie and Leah voted to keep it. Alice and her team worked to track the money before it could be sold. Reggie saw Shawn outside the bank and realized they were walking into a trap, so they left without exchanging the currency. Margot pulled a gun on Alice, but Valerie brought her own gun and Margot was arrested. Dao wanted to cut a deal for Margot. He sent Ben in to talk to her an negotiate the deal. He failed and then Sybil arranged for Margot to be taken out of custody.

Alice VaughanEdit

Alice told Margot in therapy about Ben turning on the Kensington Firm. However, Alice spotted the necklace from Zara that Ben had given Margot before she revealed any details. Despite knowing it was a part of the con, Alice went to another appointment with Margot in order to get access to her. She lied to Margot about what Ben had said about Margot and planted a bug in her bag. However, when Margot told Leah and Reggie about what had happened, Margot informed her she'd been made. She found the bug in her back and discarded it. They fled so when Alice came in, Margot, Reggie, and Leah were gone. Margot then called Alice to let her know she knew.

Morgan Foster and Stephanie DuncanEdit

Sybil told Ben and Rhys they needed to secure invitations to the upcoming wedding of Morgan Foster and Stephanie Duncan. She said she'd tell them what the con was once they'd secured invitations. Ben posed as Charlie Nicholas and got an in with Morgan by staging a rat infestation at the space where they were supposed to hold the rehearsal dinner and offering him the hotel to replace it. At the tasting, Morgan and Stephanie confessed that it wasn't really their choice. Morgan's mother was paying for it, so she was making all the choices. Rhys then accidentally talked them out of getting married. Despite their failure, they told Sybil they'd been successful. They then convinced Morgan and Stephanie to reunite and got themselves invitations to the wedding.

George TysonEdit

Sybil took George and used his sons to get a password from him before having him killed.


Song Performer Scene
"Goodbye (Hugel Remix)" Feder (feat. Lyse)
  • Alice and AVI enact their plan to capture Margot.
  • Reggie spots Shawn and warns Margot.
  • Margot flees.

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The Catch 1x09 "The Happy Couple" 1x10 "The Wedding" Promo (HD) Season Finale

The Catch 1x09 "The Happy Couple" 1x10 "The Wedding" Promo (HD) Season Finale

  • This episode scored 4.04 million viewers.
  • The episode aired along with The Wedding as a two-part finale.
  • Goof: The article about princess Zara states her last name is Al-Rashid, while it's supposed to be Al-Salim according to previous episodes.


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Sybil: Do you know what your problem is?
Margot: Bad parenting.

Alice: This whole time I've been chasing him, I've told myself it was because I wanted answers. I needed to understand how this happened to me. And now that I'm getting answers, now that he's telling me everything...
Margot: Everything? What's he telling you?
Alice: That it wasn't his fault, of course. That it wasn't him who set me up. It was his partner.
Margot: A partner. Hmm.
Alice: He says they were together for 15 years, that he was loyal to her, but that he felt like a prisoner being with her. He says that he could hardly stand to touch her, that she repulsed him. He says that he would have left her a long time ago, but that this woman is so fragile, so damaged that he was scared to leave her. He was scared that she might hurt herself, or him. Or me.

Margot: I've been posing as her therapist, trying to find out what she knows about all of us, and until today, she's been insecure, shy, confused, but now, apparently, he's been telling her how fragile I am, unbalanced, repulsive. She went on like this for 50 minutes. I'm sorry, do you have something to contribute?
Leah: Well, if we were partners, maybe.
Margot: Oh, for God's sakes.
Leah: She spent 50 minutes telling you how terrible you are? Sweetie, you've been made.

Leah: Margot and I agreed to a 50/50 partnership.
Margot: We agreed to a 50/50 split. I don't do partnerships anymore, thanks to Ben.
Reggie: Okay, so, wait...
Leah: Relax, handsome. I got this. Have you ever staged a counterfeiting con, England? Because I can print money all day long, but unless you know where to sell it, how much to charge, and how to distribute it, you're gonna get us all busted. You need to get over your ex-boyfriend, start trusting people again. Make me and Reggie full partners. Time to start living and loving again.

Margot: It's not bad enough I'm in prison, but now I have to be in here with you. Why aren't your hands cuffed to the table? You sold out. You sold us all out, didn't you?
Ben: They want Sybil. They want the Firm. They are willing to work with you.
Margot: Who's "they"? Agent Dao? Alice Vaughan? Is she here? Is she watching us? We've been spending time together, Alice and I. You did a great job convincing her that I was the one who targeted her firm. That I'm the one to blame for everything. Well done. She has no idea who you are. Or that you'll betray her again. Because you will, because that's who you are. That's what you're really in love with, the con itself, the challenge of making someone believe in you. When the truth is, you don't really exist. You are no one. You are nothing. And she will come to find that out just as I have.
Ben: You can talk to Agent Dao. He'll tell you what your options are.
Margot: I don't have any options, Benjamin. And you're about to find out, neither do you.

Valerie: Margot Bishop is a horrible woman, and you cannot listen to or trust a word she says. The irony is that until about two seconds ago, I was gonna come in here and tell you the exact same things about Christopher... Ben. But I'm not anymore. Because Margot Bishop is a horrible woman, and I'm not. So instead, I'm gonna remind you, we don't know. We don't know if Ben is gonna hurt you again. Or if Dao is gonna hurt me. Or if I'm gonna hurt Dao. We don't know.

Margot: Mum, what is this? What's happening?
Sybil: It's a prison break, darling. Get in.

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