The Benefactor is the sixth episode of season one and 6th overall episode of The Catch.

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The AVI team takes on a new client, a female captain in the army, who is being harassed by her colleagues. Meanwhile, Alice makes a play on Ben that could put her in some very serious danger, and both Ben and Margot are shocked when an old friend comes to town.

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After Alice has ended the call, Margot finds Ben out in the hallway. She's been looking for him all night since she thought he died. Ben says he's fine. He wants to shower and change, but she says they have a new problem. He says it's gonna have to wait. He enters the hotel room, where Felicity and a man named Rhys are naked in bed. Rhys is happy to see "Benji" and climbs out of bed to give him a hug and a kiss. He then kisses and greets Margot, his sister. Margot tells Ben that their benefactor has come to collect. Rhys asks where his bracelet is.

Alice receives a call from Ben. She answers and points out it's not fun to have something stolen from you. Ben says he only stole the bracelet to pay off his debt. He'll end up a dead man if he doesn't. Alice doesn't really buy it. Ben says his benefactor is not the only one looking for the bracelet. The people who were shooting at him least night are too. Ben says she should be terrified. Alice says he can come and get the bracelet if he wants it so bad.

Danny grows visibly jealous of Shawn, who's whispering with Sophie. Sophie notices it and tells Danny that Shawn needs his help. Shawn says it's for an army buddy of his. She's one of the first female Army rangers.

Shawn introduces Captain Nia Brooks to Alice, Valerie, Danny, and Sophie. Nia's heard good things. Alice and Valerie congratulate Nia on making history. There's been some backlash because of that. She says it was stupid stuff at first, but then she started to receive threats. She shows the threats to th PI's. She reported it to her commanding officer weeks ago, but she recently got her stolen dog tags back with a bullet hole in them, along with a killed in action letter sent to her parents. Nia says no one can know she went outside the Army for help. Alice says they'll find out who this is and make them stop. Nia says she just wants them to find out who it is, so she can take care of it herself. Valerie sees that Agent Dao has arrived. Alice leaves to go take care of him.

Over breakfast, Rhys asks where the bracelet is. Ben replies somewhere safe, which Rhys finds unnecessarily mysterious. Margot and Felicity point out that all American crime syndicates where there last night, armed to the teeth. Ben says he hid the bracelet so they wouldn't get it if they got him. Ben asks Rhys why everyone's after the bracelet, since he already has more than enough money. Rhys says he's not here for the bracelet. He's here because their mother sent him here to make peace with Margot. As proof of that, Rhys reminds them he forgave them this month's payment in exchange for the bracelet. He gets up and suggests he and Ben go retrieve it. Ben wants to go alone in case anyone's watching him. Rhys tells him to hurry.

Dao tells Valerie and Alice that he's here to apologize with a peace offering. He shows them an Instagram picture of someone at the Larágan consulate party, which shows that Christopher Hall was there. They believe he stole a bracelet. Behind her back, Alice takes the bracelet off her wrist and lets it slide into her pocket. Dao says he believes the bracelet will lead them to Christopher.

Ben and Margot are discussing Rhys. Ben thinks he may actually want to make peace, but Margot thinks anything Rhys says is a lie. Ben knows Rhys and when he's lying. Margot says she ceases to exist any time Ben and Rhys get together. Ben says he's partners with her now, not him. Margot says they have to present a united front because Rhys always tries to divide and conquer. Nothing can come between them. Ben promises that nothing will. He leaves.

Dao informs Valerie and Alice about the bracelet. Alice asks what he wants from them since he seems to have all the info. Alice says this doesn't make up for invading her privacy. Dao says they have a common goal. Alice says they have very different methods and leaves. Valerie tells Dao not to come back until he's caught Christopher.

Margot is sort of yelling at Felicity for sleeping with her brother. Felicity didn't know they were exclusive. Margot says this is disgust, not romantic jealousy. Felicity says she was sleeping with Rhys first. Margot asks if she knew he was coming. Felicity says no. She would have told them if she did. She also doesn't know why Rhys wants the bracelet. Margot asks her to find out. Felicity asks what's in it for her. Margot asks what she would like. Felicity sits down on her lap. Margot calls her disgusting, but they share a kiss.

The team meets at AVI. Both the media and the Army are making Nia the center of the story. There are articles for her and against her all over the Internet. Since the culprit is close enough to Nia to steal her dog tags, Danny and Sophie looked at the wash-outs from ranger school. Only one of them has access to official stationary, first Lieutenant Evan Connors.

Sophie and Danny are at Nia's house. She's surprised about Evan, but she doesn't think it can be any of the other rangers. They are her family now. They got her back. The only person she sees outside the Army is Shawn. Danny wonders if they are together. Nia says no. She thought he was with Sophie. There's an awkward moment as Sophie admits they went out, but they're not together. Nia wants to know when she can have a talk with Evan, but Danny asks to give them more time to find proof.

Alice is on the phone with Ben as she's on her way to her car to return the bracelet to the consulate. Suddenly, Mickey Shive and a partner appear behind her, holding her at gunpoint. She tells Ben she's gonna have to call him back.

Alice holds up the bracelet, asking if they're here for this. She throws the bracelet in between them. They both look at the bracelet and Alice seizes the moment to knock Mickey over the head with her handbag. She picks up his gun and uses it to shoot at the ground around the bracelet so Mickey's partner can't get to it. She picks it up herself as Ben drives into the garage. Alice uses the moment of confusion and knocks the gun out of Mickey's partner's hands, but Mickey manages to sneak up behind her and place a knife against her throat. Mickey takes back the gun and the bracelet from Alice while his partner keeps Ben at gunpoint. Mickey and his partners get in their car and drive off. Alice wants to go after them, blaming herself for this since she stole the bracelet. She insists on helping Ben. She knows someone who can help them, someone who knows these people.

Valerie can't believe that Alice wants to work with Agent Dao, but Alice is sure.

Rhys goes to visit Margot to ask about Ben, but she has no idea where he is. Rhys says he always knew where Benji was when they were partners. Margot says maybe that's why Ben's working with her now. Rhys says he actually missed her. She did all the work for him. Margot says it's good to be king. Rhys asks if she actually thought she was gonna be put in charge when their father died. Men don't like taking orders from ladies. Margot keeps acting like she was exiled, but she's the one who abandoned him and she took Ben with her. Margot says Ben had a choice. They talk about Felicity, who's amazed by the fact that Margot and Ben do all the work for every con. Margot says they can't afford a staff. Rhys asks why they have no money all of a sudden. Margot says that's Ben's fault.

Ben arrives in the hotel room. Rhys says he was worried. He asks for the bracelet. Ben says Mickey was waiting for him. Margot and Ben wonder what Mickey's going to do with the bracelet. If they know more about the bracelet, they might be able to help him recover it. Rhys asks them about Mickey Shive.

Danny's in a bar, observing Evan Connors and talking to Alice on the phone. When Nia enters the bar, he hangs up and walks up to Nia. He tells her to leave. A man, Nia's brother Brian, walks up to them. Nia introduces Danny as a friend of hers. She walks up to Evan and shows him the dog tags, asking him if this is his doing. He denies it, but he's a fan of whoever did it. Nia says they're just the same, but Evan says she just graduated because Sergeant Moore was told to graduate at least one woman. Brian tells Evan to stop it. Nia says she can fight her own battles. Evan says girls always get so emotional. Nia decides he's not worth it and goes to leave, but Evan blocks her. He says he wouldn't bother with death threats. She's not a real soldier, so she's gonna die the minute she lands overseas. Danny then punches Evan in the face. He declares he hates the guy, so this was for him.

Alice, Valerie, and Dao are looking at all the photos of the consulate party they could find. Alice mentions that there were other crime syndicates there besides Christopher. Dao says they're observing Mickey, so they'll catch him when he tries to sell the bracelet or when he tries to take it from Christopher. Alice asks him to let her know when and where so she can be there. Dao agrees to that.

Danny and Nia are walking to her house. She criticizes his punching technique and invites him in to put some ice on his hand. They then see her front door's open. They rush in and find the living room's a complete mess. "You're gonna die, bitch," is written on the wall. In the middle of the room, there's a battlefield cross. Nia explains it's done for soldiers who die in combat. It's her grave.

Dao enters Alice's office and tells her that Mickey has a girlfriend, a porn star and personal trainer named Erin Savvy. Mickey's at her apartment at the Park Plaza. Dao's on her way there now. Alice wants to come, but Valerie interrupts. She forbids Alice from going since Mickey is dangerous. While she scolds Dao for wanting to endanger her partner, Alice sends Ben a text about Shive's whereabouts. Valerie tells Dao that all they'll be doing to help him catch Christopher is share information. Meanwhile, Ben lets Alice know that he's on his way. She warns him that Dao's coming.

Rhys and Ben are waiting in Park Plaza for Mickey to leave the building. When he does, Ben makes the call. Rhys, having practiced his American accent and everything, insists on making the call himself. Ben gives him the phone. They're calling 911 and he says there's someone who has been shot in room 701 of the Park Plaza Hotel. He hangs up. Ben comments he was a little theatrical, which Rhys points out he used to love. Rhys says Margot domesticated him. Ben says he's still fun, even though they don't get wasted with different women every night. Rhys asks if he's happy, because it doesn't seem so. Ben thinks it's growing up. While Mickey gets in a car, the police arrives at the hotel. Ben and Rhys get up and walk towards the hotel, while Ben tells Rhys he know why he and Margot had to leave. Rhys says Ben was his partner and then Margot stole him. They open their jackets, revealing they're wearing a police uniform underneath. Ben says he chose to leave because he wanted to be with Margot. Rhys points out he's using a past tense and says he can come back to the Firm any time. Rhys has forgiven him. They get in an empty police vehicle and drive off.

The team is looking at photos Danny took at Nia's place. The door wasn't forced, so the culprit had a key. Sophie checked CCTV cameras, but she couldn't see Nia's house. Since Danny was tailing Evan all day, it couldn't have been him. Danny says Evan gave him the name of the C.O., Joshua Moore. Sophie goes to see what she can dig up on him. Danny and Alice leave for Nia's house.

Ben and Rhys use the siren to have Mickey pull over. As they get out, Rhys tells Ben he could be his own man again if he took back his old job, which is something Margot would never allow him. Mickey asks Rhys if there's a problem. Rhys says yes, since he took something valuable from his friend. Mickey recognizes Ben and reaches for his gun, but Rhys shocks him with an electric baton. Rhys considers this great fun.

Alice and Danny arrive at Nia's house and find the place mostly cleaned up. Nia tells them they can't be here since she's not alone. A man walks out with garbage bags. Nia introduces him as Captain Todd Walker. Alice says they are Felicia and Greg, Nia's property managers. They came to assess the damage, but it looks like there isn't any. Todd says they didn't want Nia to lose her security deposit. Nia walks Todd to the door. Alice walks up the window and sees he puts the bags in his trunk, meaning he's leaving with all of their evidence.

Felicity is with Margot. Last night, when she got out of the shower, Rhys was on the phone speaking Punjabi, which Rhys doesn't know she speaks. Apparently, the diamonds in the bracelet came from India 200 years ago, before the British came and stole everything. He's giving them back. Margot realizes he's expanding into India, Africa, and the Middle-East. Margot decides this calls for a renegotiation. She calls Ben.

Ben tells her they had a talk with Mickey. While Rhys puts Mickey in the police car, Ben tells Margot that Mickey gave the bracelet to his boss this morning. Emeric Shive is leaving for India tomorrow. The good news is they have until noon tomorrow to figure out a plan to steal the bracelet back. Margot asks Ben to give her bracelet when they get it so she can give it to Rhys. Ben hangs up as Rhys criticizes him for allowing Margot to check in. Ben wants to go before Mickey wakes up. Rhys tells him not to worry and shoots Mickey. Rhys says they can't have him talking to the cops. He gets in Mickey's car and starts the engine.

Dao is meeting with Valerie. He shows her photos of a murdered Mickey. He was shot with ballistics he's only ever seen once, in Paris. He shows her a picture of a murdered Nathalie Duchamp. Dao thinks Christopher Hall killed them.

Alice enters at her house as Valerie calls her to inform her about Mickey's death. As Alice walks into her bedroom and finds Ben sitting on her bed, Valerie tells her that Dao thinks Christopher did it. Alice says she has to call her back and hangs up. Alice says he made her an accessory to murder. She gave him Shive's location and now he's dead. Ben says this is why he didn't want her involved. The people he works with are killers. Alice is not sure he's not one himself. Alice asks if he at least got the bracelet back. Ben says no. He tells her about Mickey's boss. Alice says he can't get it back since Dao's watching Emeric, waiting for Christopher to make his move. Ben says he has to try. They conclude it's not gonna end well for either of them. Ben says he's really sorry. Alice looks at the painting on her wall and asks what would happen if both he and Dao could get the bracelet. They could forge the bracelet.

Danny's at Nia's house with takeout. He's there for a stakeout and he brought her some food as well. Nia says she doesn't need him sitting in front of her house all night. She says she won't be able to eat all the food by herself. She invites him in.

The next morning, Danny's woken up by a call from Sophie. She asks where he is. He says he's on his way. Sophie says army rangers go through regular performance reviews for promotions. Todd Walker got reviewed and promoted six months early by Joshua Moore. Danny says he'll tell her. Nia then puts her arm around Danny's waist. Danny thanks Sophie and hangs up. Nia asks him what she said.

Nia is meeting with the team at AVI. She thinks they must be wrong. She got through ranger school with Todd. They'd do anything for each other. Also, she passed like everybody else and she's sure Moore wasn't forced to let her pass. She's sorry she wasted their time. Alice proposes they find out if Todd is really her friend by telling him she went outside the Army for help. 

Nia and Todd are at the bar. She tells him not to tell anyone. He nods, but visibly doesn't like it.

Back in the meeting, Alice explains that Todd will immediately contact whoever gave him orders. When they meet, AVI will be there.

The plan goes down as planned, but there's a surprising twist: the person giving Todd orders is Nia's brother Brian.

Brian and Nia are in the conference room at AVI with Valerie and Alice. Nia is mad at her brother, who claims he was just trying to protect her. She has no friend in the Army. He loves and respects her, but she's a woman. There are rangers out there who hate her just because of that, and when they don't have your back, you're dead. There are other ways she can serve. Nia says all she's ever wanted was to be a ranger, like Brian and their father. Alice is tired of men protecting women when all they do is take away their choices. These are Nia's choices to make.

Brian leaves the conference room and walks off. Nia comes out looking much happier than Brian. She walks up to Danny. He asks what she's going to do. She's decided to be a ranger. If Brian's right and something happens to her, that's just part of the gig. Nia comments that Danny works with some powerful women. Danny says that's the way he likes them. Nia leaves and Sophie notices the smile on his face.

Rhys is trying to reach Ben, but Margot says she'll be doing the talking for the both of them. Rhys says they had a deal for the bracelet. Margot says they had a deal to steal the bracelet from the Larágan consulate, but if Rhys wants them to steal it again, he has to forgive their debt in full. That's a small price to pay for all the terrority he's gaining with the bracelet. Rhys wonders who told her that. Since the bracelet is about to leave, Rhys has no choice but to comply. Margot calls Ben to inform him it's a go.

Ben is at the airport, hiding in a jetfare cleaning van. Emeric Shive's limo arrives at his private jet. He boards the plane and Ben texts Alice that they're ready for takeoff.

After reading the text, Alice answers a call from Dao. He tells her that Shive's at the airport. She says she's on her way. She hangs up and then welcomes Shive aboard the plane with a glass of champagne. Alice is posing as a flight attendant. Emeric takes the glass, drinks, and sits down.

The FBI arrives at the hangar. Dao finds Shive unconscious in his seat with the empty glass in his hand and the bracelet in his pocket.

Meanwhile, Alice gets in Ben's van. She was cutting it close, but turns out Emeric has a high treshold for doctored champagne. She gives Ben the bracelet and gets out of the van.

Dao gets off the plane as Alice pretends to have just arrived. She asks if Christopher's here. Dao says he didn't show. He shows her the bracelet. Dao says they'll catch Christopher the next time.

Back at the hotel, Margot, Ben, Rhys, and Felicity make a toast to freedom, family, the former benefactor, and India, Africa, and the Middle-East. And Los Angeles. Rhys says he likes it here, so he's decided to stay.

Back at the office, Valerie has a drink with Dao. She tells him to enjoy the fact that he got to arrest Emeric Shive and get the bracelet back. Dao thinks it was too easy. He can't help but think he's being played. He knows Alice plays games while Valerie seduces him. She asks if he really thinks that's what she's doing. He hopes so.

They end up in bed together, with Valerie admitting she's using him in some way.

Ben and Alice have sex at her house.

Afterwards, Ben thanks Alice for saving his life today. She says it can't ever happen again. She lied to Valerie and Dao again. He asks if she wants him to leave her. She shakes her head and they smile. "That's the problem," she says. They share a kiss.

Felicity and Margot finish having sex as well. Felicity jokingly asks if Margot doesn't want to know who's better, she or her brother. Margot kicks her out of bed for that and wishes her safe travels. Felicity asks if Margot's going to come visit her now that she's free. Felicity's gonna be in charge of the newly acquired terrority. Rhys trusts her as much as he trusts anyone. Margot tells Felicity to watch herself around Rhys. She loves her brother, but he only watches out for himself. Felicity points out that goes for all of them. She gives Margot one last kiss and leaves the room.

Rhys is waiting for her in the hallway. He knows what happened in that room. He wants to go have a chat while she packs.

Over a glass of wine, Felicity tells Rhys she didn't tell Margot about the bracelet. Rhys says it's alright. He's only a little angry, so he'll get over it. He only needs a little quid pro quo. He asks what went wrong on Margot's last con. Felicity says that all she knows is that it's got something to do with a woman named Alice Vaughan. Rhys looks her up on the Internet and finds out about her firm. He thanks Felicity and then shoots her in cold blood. Rhys smiles as he starts digging up more on Alice.


  • Alice Vaughan
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Danny Yoon
  • Jules Dao
  • Valerie Anderson
  • Margot Bishop
  • Sophie Novak
  • Nia Brooks
  • Rhys Griffiths
  • Brian Walker
  • Felicity
  • Todd Walker
  • Evan Connors
  • Shawn Sullivan
  • Mickey Shive
  • Emeric Shive

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Nia BrooksEdit

Shawn brought AVI the client, Nia Brooks, a Captain in the Army who was the first woman to join the Rangers. There was a lot of backlash against her because of that. She'd been receiving threats. She'd reported it to her CO, but then she'd received an official killed-in-action letter addressed to her parents along with her dog tags, which had been stolen. They investigated and suspected Evan Connors, who had washed out of Ranger school and had access to the official stationery used. She said the other Rangers were like her family now and she didn't seen anyone else outside of that. When Danny went to talk to Evan, Nia stepped in and confronted him against Danny's recommendation. Evan said that Nia didn't deserve to be in the Rangers. When Evan said that as soon as Nia got overseas in combat, she'd died, Danny punched him. When they got back to Nia's house, it had been broken into and trashed and whoever did it made a battlefield cross for her. Danny also believed her CO might be a suspect because Evan said he'd been forced to graduate one female recruit. When they went to Nia's home to talk to her, they found Todd Walker there helping her clean up. Todd had been promoted early by Nia's CO. Mia didn't believe that Todd was involved or that Moore had been forced to graduate her. In order to figure out if Todd was involved, Alice suggested that Nia meet with him and tell him everything, which would prompt him to call whomever he was working with or for. They were shocked to find out that Brian, Nia's brother, was behind it. He claimed he was trying to protect her. Because she was a woman, the other Rangers hated her and wouldn't have her back, which meant in a combat situation, she'd die and he didn't want her to die.

Carla VelasquezEdit

Rhys came into town and because he was there, Ben and Margot believed that the bracelet was more important than they'd been led to believe. Instead, he said that he was there because their mother had sent him, but Margot didn't believe him. Rhys wanted the bracelet, but Ben insisted on going himself to retrieve it.

At the same time, Dao came to Alice and Valerie with pictures of Ben at the gala and said he believed Ben had stolen the bracelet. He thought if they found the bracelet, they'd find Ben, not knowing that Alice had the bracelet.

Alice was attacked in a parking lot by the Shives, who took the bracelet. Ben helped her fight them off and then Alice decided to help Ben so he wouldn't die getting the bracelet back. She also said she'd work with Dao, but secretly fed his information to Ben. Dao found out where Mickey Shive was staying and Alice immediately told Ben.

Ben and Rhys stole a cop car and posed as police officers so they could pulled Mickey over and get the bracelet back. Mickey had already handed the bracelet over to his boss, Emeric Shive, who was leaving the next morning. Ben was shocked to watch Rhys shoot and kill Mickey.

Felicity overheard Rhys on the phone talking about the diamonds in the bracelet, saying they came from India before it was invaded. Rhys planned to give them back in order to expand into India, as well as Africa and the Middle East. Alice then gave Ben the idea to duplicate the bracelet and give a fake to Rhys.

Alice posed as a flight attendant on Emeric's flight and got the bracelet. They gave the fake to Rhys and the real one was retrieved by Dao, who arrived later.


Song Performer Scene
"Hard Times" MAWR
  • Alice talks to Danny while investigating the Shives. 
  • Nia confronts Evan Connors at the bar.
  • Evan tells Nia she's not a real ranger, which leads to Danny punching him in the face.
"Slyd" THR!!!ER
  • Ben watches Emeric from outside an airplane hangar and texts Alice he's boarding.
  • Dao calls Alice to inform her that Emeric's at the airport. She says she's on her way.
  • On the plane, Alice offers Emeric champagne.
"Keeping Me Alive" Bob Moses
  • Margot delivers the bracelet to Rhys. The con artists make a toast as Rhys announces he's gonna stay in Los Angeles.
  • Dao tells Valerie thinks he's being played.
  • They end up having sex, like Ben and Alice.
  • Ben thanks Alice for saving his life.
  • After sex, Felicity leaves Margot's room. Margot warns Felicity that Rhys is only out for himself.

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The Catch 1x06 Promo "The Benefactor" (HD)

The Catch 1x06 Promo "The Benefactor" (HD)

  • This episode scored 4.58 million viewers.


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Margot: You slept with my brother.
Felicity: I wasn't aware you and I were exclusive.
Margot: No, we're not. Let's be clear. This is not romantic jealousy you are witnessing. This is disgust.

Felicity: Technically, I slept with him first. I've been doing that for quite some time. I assumed you knew.
Margot: How would I know? Given your rather pronounced lesbian tendencies, why would I make that assumption?
Felicity: You sleep with Ben. How do you explain your lesbian tendencies?
Margot: I prefer not to. Takes all the fun out of them.

Alice: I'm so tired of hearing men say they are trying to protect us when what that does is take away our choices.

Rhys: You are the absolute worst. You know that? Most people have sisters who love them, support them.
Margot: Most people don't have you for a brother.

Dao: I was sure Christopher would be there.
Valerie: Can you not just enjoy the fact that you arrested Emeric Shive today? And you got the bracelet back.
Dao: Exactly. It was too easy. I can't help but think I'm being played.
Valerie: By whom? Alice? Me?
Dao: Maybe. Alice plays games while you seduce me.
Valerie: Is that what you think I'm doing?
Dao: God, I hope so.

Rhys: I have missed you, you know.
Margot: You have not.
Rhys: I have. You used to do all the work. I didn't have to do anything.
Margot: Yeah, it's good to be king.
Rhys: Did you actually think that when Dad died they would put you in charge? I mean, I don't know if you've noticed, darling, but you're kind of a lady. Men don't like taking orders from ladies.
Margot: Tell that to the Queen.
Rhys: I think Elizabeth knows.

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