Teddy Seavers is a vineyard heir who was the target of a con involving a poker game.


Teddy Seavers came to the Weatherby for a meeting. While he was there, he was targeted by Rhys, Margot, and Ben, who learned he loved to play poker. They decided to set up an underground game there. They found that Teddy was a bit of an idiot, partying instead of taking his job seriously.

Margot posed as a pit boss and attracted Teddy's attention as he was checking in. Teddy asked her if there was a game in the hotel, but she brushed him off. He followed her to the restaurant, where she met with Billy McCaulley (Ben), a high roller. After she left, Teddy approached Ben and asked Ben about the game. Ben feigned ignorance, but Teddy pressed to get invited into the game. He agreed to bring the $3 million buy-in the next day.

When Ben arrived at the hotel ready for the game, Teddy was fighting with his girlfriend, Tasha, who disapproved of his gambling. He told Ben he'd have to back out of the game. So Ben and Margot had Reggie pose as The Ringer, Ricky Arrington and come to the hotel to get Teddy back into the game.

Once the game was set up, they started to play. Margot manipulated it from her base and the time came to end the game, Rhys screwed up and folded, then shorted out the cameras in the table. Margot sent him away to sober up and went back to the game. Ben said they needed to slow-play it to drive Teddy crazy. They played all night and as the sun rose, Reggie suggested ending the game with high-card. Teddy brought out a fresh deck from his pocket. Reggie got a nine, Teddy got a king, and Ben pulled an ace out of his sleeve to win it all. Teddy left to go to sleep, missing his meeting with the owner of the hotel to discuss investment.



He was dating Tasha, who disliked him gambling.


He's the heir to vineyards in Napa worth $100 million.

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