Stephanie Duncan is a woman who was targeted by Rhys and Ben while planning her wedding.


Stephanie was engaged to Morgan Foster. A few days before their wedding, Sybil Griffiths told Rhys and Ben they were to get invitations to the wedding, which was said to be the social event of the season. It was part of a con, but she wouldn't tell them what the job was until they'd gotten the invitations. Ben started the process by posing as Charlie Nicholas and staging a rat infestation at the original location for the rehearsal dinner. He then went to where Morgan was getting his tux and offered him both a new tux and a replacement location, the Weatherby.

Morgan and Stephanie came to the Weatherby for a tasting. They loved it, but said Morgan's mother was the real deciding factor because she was paying for it. Ben and Rhys then pretended to be Charlie and Andy, a gay couple in an open relationship for 15 years. Rhys then accidentally talked them out of getting married.

After talking to Ben about it, Rhys called and offered Morgan and Stephanie a chance to get away from their questioning friends and family. Once they arrived, Rhys said that they'd broken up when Ben asked him to get married. Rhys talked to Stephanie and Ben to Morgan and then Ben and Rhys staged a fake reunion and proposal. Stephanie and Morgan then said they decided to have their wedding after all and invited Ben and Rhys. ("The Happy Couple")

Ben and Rhys, to further the con, forced the wedding planner out and took the planner's place. Virginia wanted to cancel the wedding, but Morgan and Stephanie, with help from Ben and Rhys, convinced her to use them. At the wedding, she admitted they'd done a good job.

The wedding completed, Ben and Alice told Morgan and Stephanie that Morgan's mother was a gangster and encouraged them to leave for their honeymoon immediately. After confirming that Ben and Alice were telling the truth, Morgan and Stephanie left. ("The Wedding")



She is married to Morgan Foster.


She doesn't see eye to eye with her mother-in-law. She was delighted when she learned Virginia was a criminal.


She is a lawyer.


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