Seth Hamilton is a client of Anderson/Vaughan Investigations who developed a technology that Ben tried to steal.



Seth Hamilton developed a technology that would generate billions of dollars. He had retained the services of Anderson/Vaughan Investigations in order to protect his assets. As part of their duties, they vetted everyone invited to his launch party. However, before the party, Benjamin Jones hacked AVI and used the information he stole to become one of the guests and attend the party in order to steal the technology. He posed as Andrew Merrick, whom Seth admired. He demonstrated his technology, which filtered salt and toxins out of water to make it drinkable. Just as he was about to show Ben the specs, an assistant came to tell him it was time to make a presentation. However, Ben stole the flash drive that had the information on it, but the flash drive had been modified by Sophie Novak so they didn't get the information they needed. ("The Pilot")

Firing AVIEdit

With their computers and files seized by the FBI, Alice and Valerie began meeting with all of their clients, trying to convince them to continue using AVI for their security needs. Seth was among those clients. However, after their meeting, he told them he needed to go another way. ("The New Deal")



He greatly admires Dr. Andrew Merrick. ("The Pilot")


Seth Hamilton owns a company called Seaclarity, which developed a technology that allowed people to filter sea water to be drinkable.

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