Renée Etheridge is the wife of William Etheridge, who believed she was cheating on him.


Renée's husband, William, came into AVI with pictures of Renée with another man, looking very intimate. He wanted to know if his wife was having an affair. Valerie and Alice had to tell William they couldn't take his case because Renée was already their client. He pleaded with them to help and they agreed to talk about it.

After talking about it, they decided to meet with Renée and see if they were going to be working on her re-election campaign. They brought in Renée, who said things with William were better than ever. Danny cloned her phone and found out she'd lied and instead of going to City Hall after she left the meeting, she went to meet with Tony Ellis, the man in the pictures. However, they observed that the relationship was not romantic, but contentious. Sophie found out information about Tony, a city developer. Sophie said that he had bought several politicians, but not Renée, though his projects got pushed through anyway. They looked to see if they could find what he had on Renée. In order to get Tony to come in, they hacked his security company to get him to consider them for the job.

Tony came in, saying he was looking for the party responsible for the hack. He confessed that he knew who was responsible. He made it clear to them that he knew it was them and subtly threatened them. Before he left, Alice planted a microdot on his phone to access his data. They used that to find out that Tony was controlling Renée through William, who had had inappropriate contact with a 17 year old student when he was a 21 year old teacher. Her parents had paid to make it all go away, but Tony Ellis found out and used it to blackmail Renée into pushing his contracts through. Since Tony had blackmailed her, they said they could use that to get him out of their way without William having to resign.

Alice met with Tony and said they knew all his secrets after using the microdot and would use it to ensure that he left the Etheridges alone. Renée also brought all his contracts up for re-evaluation.



She has been married to William Etheridge for eleven years. They have two children together.


She is the Los Angeles City Attorney.

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