Rebecca Bloom is the wife of Jeffrey Bloom.


Rebecca met her future husband, Jeffrey, when she interviewed him after he was accused of killing his first wife, Edith Rockwell. She initially believed he was guilty, but he convinced her of his innocence and they married while he was still in prison. She then worked tirelessly to get him acquitted, believing that Edith's son, Payton, was the real killer. After Jeffrey was acquitted due to lack of sufficient evidence, the two retained the services of Anderson/Vaughan Investigations to find the real killer so they could put it behind them.

AVI started a new investigation. When they found the missing jewels at a house Payton's grandparents had owned, they focused their attention on him as a suspect. When he fled, Alice went back to the house where Edith had died to look for more clues. She was confronted by Jeffrey, who subtly threatened her and revealed that he was the real killer. Rebecca came in moments later and Alice left. Alice re-entered the house quickly when she heard the sounds of a struggle. She found Jeffrey's body at the bottom of the stairs. Rebecca had pushed him after finding out he had killed Edith, saying she'd given up her career and sacrificed her reputation for him.



She was married to Jeffrey Bloom until his death. They met when she interviewed him for a magazine article after he was accused of murder. Over time, she grew to believe he was innocent. They married while he was still in prison and she worked tirelessly to get him acquitted. After he was acquitted and released, she killed him after finding out he had killed Edith after all.


Rebecca is a reporter for a magazine.

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