Raymond Taggart is a con artist who took over Carl and Galinda Mangels' operation after they were arrested.


After the Mangels were arrested, Raymond took over control of their crew. However, his leadership caused many disgruntled employees, because he was cutting some of his employees out of the profits and had slept with a few employees' wives.

Tessa attended the birthday party thrown by Raymond for his daughter, Arabella, and planted microphones around the property so that Margot could gather information to sway his employees' loyalty to the Kensington Firm. Tessa was caught trying to place on in Raymond's office and she and Ben were bound and held. Raymond demanded $10 million from Margot in exchange for their freedom. She had a car delivered to Raymond's house for Arabella and said the money was in the trunk. The trunk actually contained Margot and she shot the man who opened the trunk and then shot the man holding Ben and Tessa at gunpoint.

Margot, Ben, and Tessa then used what Margot had learned to poison all Raymond's employees against him and get many of them to defect to the Firm. Raymond pledged his intent to get revenge on them, but Ben warned him against coming after his family and broke Raymond's wrist to show that he was serious.



He is married to Eileen Taggart.


He has a sixteen year old daughter named Arabella.


His employees were easily swayed to change loyalties when they learned how he was treating them.


He took over the operations of the Mangels after they were arrested.

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