Qassim Halabi was a servant for Zara Al-Salim and King Al-Salim. He was shot by Margot Bishop.


Being ConnedEdit

Qasim accompanied Zara Al-Salim to Los Angeles after her father died. While he was there, he attracted the attention of Margot Bishop and Reggie Lennox, who pegged him as a mark for a con. They approached him outside the hotel and offered to show him a building as an investment opportunity. Before they could proceed with the con, Qasim noticed Zara leaving in a car with Benjamin. ("The Real Killer")

Qasim became suspicious of Ben, who was posing as Michael Thorne and cornered him, demanding he provide proof he was who he said he was. He threatened "Michael" and suggested he disappear before Qasim saw to that himself. However, Michael persisted and Qasim ended up being conned at the Runyon Towers presentation, when Margot, posing as another investor, convinced Qasim to invest in two towers at once to shut Michael out of the deal. Michael later learned that Qasim had lied to Zara about the holding fee for each tower and was pocketing the $6 million difference. In order to tip Zara off that he'd lied, Margot again posed as Stella Winters and let Zara in on the truth. Zara, in response, fired Qasim after presenting him with documents that showed she knew he had lied. Qasim later confronted Michael with a gun, calling him a thief. They fought for a few minutes before Margot came in and shot Qasim twice, killing him. ("The Trial")



He worked for the royal family of Kuroq for many years. They trusted him, leaving him to handle their money, but he started stealing from them.


He worked for Zara Al-Salim and her family until Zara fired him.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was a general in the Kuroqi National Guard before starting to work for the Al-Salim family.
  • He beheaded 18 dissidents in the last year to protect the royal family.


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