Payton Rockwell is the son of Edith Rockwell.


Payton was upset when his mother married Jeffrey Bloom, who was only a few years older than Payton himself. This caused tension between him and his mother and she cut him off and cut him out of her will. His mother was later found murdered in her own home with some of her jewelry stolen. When AVI investigated the murder looking for the real killer after Jeffrey was acquitted, Payton refused to talk to them. When they found out his alibi, Tracy Lassin, was also his girlfriend, Alice confronted him at his house, but he still refused to talk to her.

They found the location where some photos of him with his girlfriend were taken, a beach house once owned by Payton's grandparents. They went to the property and found the stolen jewels stowed away there, leading them to believe Payton had killed his mother. Payton fled. Alice went to Edith's house to look for him, but she was confronted by Jeffrey instead. She noticed that he had sand on his shoes, like she had had on her own after being at the beach house where she found the jewels. Rebecca then came in and Alice left. As she left, she heard sounds of a struggle and rushed back in to find Jeffrey's body at the bottom of the stairs and Rebecca at the top after having pushed him after realizing Jeffrey had killed Edith after all.



His mother, Edith, was murdered by her new husband, Jeffrey Bloom. Payton hadn't approved of their relationship, believing Jeffrey was just after Edith's money. It strained their relationship, along with his drug use and skipping classes, which led to him being cut off and cut out of her will.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He's a philosophy major at UCLA.

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