Patrick Lewis is an account manager who helped Ben steal confidential information from the company he worked for.


Patrick had worked for the same company, a client of Anderson/Vaughan Investigations, for eleven years. During that time, he didn't stand out and was taken for granted. So when Benjamin Jones came to him with an opportunity to make some money selling his company's confidential information, he took it. He copied the files onto a flash drive and planned a drop to trade the drive for a briefcase full of cash. Alice and the team were prepared for the drop and stationed law enforcement around the area, but Ben figured out they were there and distracted them long enough to get away with the drive after having a group of school children drop off the briefcase. Patrick was then arrested while Ben got away.



He is divorced.


He worked as an account manager for eleven years. During that time, he was taken for granted.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 45 at the time of his arrest and weighed 170 pounds.
  • He lived at 1500 Byron Ave. Los Angeles, California.
  • He ate the same lunch every day at 1:10 PM: Philly cheesesteak and fries from the sub shop at Sunset Century Plaza.