Mickey Shive is a con artist and member of the Shive crime family.


Carla Velasquez's BraceletEdit

The Shive crime syndicate, including Mickey, made an appearance at the dinner where they were planning to steal Carla Velasquez's bracelet. After Margot, Felicity, and Ben managed to get the bracelet, Ben left the building with it. On his way out, Mickey stopped him and started shooting at Ben. Ben escaped by getting into Alice's car after she pulled up to save him. ("The Larágan Gambit")

After finding out Alice had the bracelet, Mickey, along with another member of the Shive crime family, came to get it from her. However, Alice started to fight them off and Ben came to her rescue. However, Mickey left with the bracelet. Dao found out he had a girlfriend who had an apartment and he believed that's where Mickey was. As Mickey left, Rhys called in a fake 911 call. He and Ben then stole the police car that arrived and used it to pull Mickey over. Rhys tazed Mickey to knock him out. However, Mickey didn't have the bracelet anymore. Rhys and Ben put Mickey in the backseat of the police car, where Rhys shot him before they stole Mickey's car and left. ("The Benefactor")



His girlfriend, Erin Savvy, is a porn star and personal trainer.


He is part of a crime family.


He is a con artist.


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