Matthew Keegan is a con artist who owns several properties that are fronts for illegal contraband.


Matthew runs 12 clubs and restaurants. He had a supplier, but was looking for someone new and Margot got exclusive word of that. She planned to steal a bottle of rare scotch from an illegal gambling establishment to charm him to get him to use the Firm. They went to the Wolf's Den and cheated at Roulette, the only game that wasn't rigged. They earned quite a bit of money and then Margot took some of the money to go buy a shot of the scotch to get it out of the locked box. Felicity created a distraction while Margot exchanged the real scotch for a fake bottle.

Margot had a meeting with Matthew and he said her offer was generous, but he'd already made a deal with someone else. He hadn't told anyone else he was looking, but the guy knew, a guy called Mockingbird.


He runs 12 clubs and restaurants that he uses to distribute illegal goods.

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