Mario Visconti is an art thief who tried to use Alice to steal from Singer Museum.


Mario came to a gallery opening at Singer Museum intending to steal a painting. Unbeknownst to him, Anderson/Vaughan Investigations was on his case and Alice, posing as Natasha Kendall, an employee of the museum, caught his eye as she looked at another painting. They flirted over the painting and she intimated to him that another painting by the same artist was at the museum, but hadn't arrived in time for the opening. She used her badge to take him to where the painting was. After they left the room, he swiped the badge from her as she planned and stole the painting.

As he left the museum, he was stopped by Shawn Sullivan, Danny Yoon, and Sophie Novak, who were waiting for him. He tried to re-enter the building when they confronted him, but Alice stopped him and tackled him to the ground before informing him he'd be arrested.


Mario is an art thief.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was the first person to be arrested in the series.