Jeffrey Bloom was a male model, business man, and celebrity.


Jeffrey was accused of murdering his first wife, Edith Rockwell. He'd been acquitted, but many still believed he did it. He and his new wife, Rebecca Bloom, engaged the services of Anderson/Vaughan Investigations because they were being harassed by people who believed he did it and thought finding the real killer would put a stop to that.

AVI started a new investigation of the crime. They re-interviewed everyone and toured the house where the murder had occurred. During the investigation, they discovered that Edith's son, Payton's, alibi was also his girlfriend, meaning she could have lied to cover for him. They pursued the possibility that Payton was the killer until he fled, leaving no trace of where he'd gone. Alice went back to the Rockwell house to look for more clues, but was confronted by Jeffrey. She noticed he had sand on his shoes like the kind she'd gotten at the beach house Payton's grandparents had owned. She deduced that he'd killed Edith and planted the jewels at the house to frame Payton. After Rebecca entered the room, Alice left, but rushed back in when she heard signs of a struggle. She walked back in to find Jeffrey's body on the floor and Rebecca standing at the top of the steps. She'd figured out that Jeffrey was the real killer and killed him because she'd given up her career and reputation for him.



Edith RockwellEdit

Edith was Jeffrey's first wife. She was 40 years his senior, but they married anyway. Their marriage ended when Jeffrey murdered Edith, a crime for which he framed Edith's son, Payton.

Rebecca BloomEdit

While he was on trial for killing Edith, Jeffrey met Rebecca Bloom. She initially believed he was guilty, but he connived her he was innocent and they married while he was still in prison. When she found out he was really guilty, she pushed him down a flight of stairs, killing him.


He came to L.A. as an aspiring print model.

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