Jamison was an assassin for the Kensington Firm.


Early LifeEdit

He graduated from a Military Academy in 2004.

Jamison served as a Kensington Firm Security Leftenant from 2006 to 2010. As of June 2010, he became Sybil Griffith's personal bodyman/enforcer. ("The Family Way")

George TysonEdit

When Sybil Griffiths used George Tyson to get a security code, Jamison stood by and watched and once the code was written down, he shot and killed George. ("The Happy Couple")

Foster/Duncan WeddingEdit

Jamison was part of the con against Virginia Foster. When Sybil was arrested while moving the last of the money, Jamison and Margot left with the majority of the cash. ("The Wedding")

Working for Margot and DeathEdit

After her takeover of the Firm, Jamison assisted Margot like he had assisted her mother, including sexual services. When Margot began to investigate the three missing leftenants, he revealed that all three men had been her mother's right hand before being promoted. Not long after, he was shot while making out with Margot and immediately passed. ("The New Deal")



He started a romantic relationship with Margot Bishop, which convinced him to betrayed Sybil Griffiths and work with Margot. ("The Wedding")

It was heavily implied that he had also slept with Sybil and Rhys in the past. ("The New Deal")


He worked for Sybil for years, doing her dirty work. However, he seems to have resented her, as he easily betrayed her along with her daughter.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His skills include interrogation tactics, judo, jiu-jitsu, and Greco-Roman wrestling. ("The Family Way")


He is an assassin for the Kensington Firm.



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