Gretchen Adams is a con artist who was targeting Ethan.


Ethan introduced Alice to his new fiancée, Gretchen, who was trying to start up a fashion business. She asked Alice and Valerie to look into her new angel investor, who was giving her the funding to launch. They learned that he owned several sweatshops. When they told Gretchen, she was devastated. Ethan put up the money for her launch, making Alice and Valerie suspicious that Gretchen was using him for the money. Alice went to Ethan with her concerns, but this angered Gretchen, who believed Alice was just trying to get Ethan back.

However, Tessa learned that Gretchen's designs were all actually designed by other people. All the packages from her warehouse were being sent to the same address, which they learned was owned by Joel Hanson, Gretchen's husband. Alice took Ethan to see Gretchen with Joel, so he'd believe it.



She is married to a man named Joel Hanson. However, she struck up a romance with Ethan to get close to him in order to con him.


She pretended to work with a charity for the homeless in Los Angeles while working on her fashion startup. However, she was actually a con artist.

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