Gordon Bailey is the ex-husband of Valerie Anderson.


Susan's IllnessEdit

In the midst of his divorce from Valerie, Gordon came to AVI with his sister, Susan. She'd been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and participated in a trial meant to relieve some of her symptoms. However, she believed it made her and others sicker and wanted AVI to investigate. They investigated and found that the doctor responsible for the trial had tanked it by poisoning the participants with belladonna. This gave them enough information to file a lawsuit. ("The Trial")

Taking Down the Kensington FirmEdit

Gordon was called to AVI to help when they planned to take down the Kensington Firm with Ben's help. He said that if it worked, Ben could walk away with no jail time, provided the Kensington Firm didn't have him killed first. He asked Valerie and Alice if they were sure they wanted to go forward with that, because he kind of wanted to put Ben away for life for what he'd done. ("The Happy Couple")



He was married to Valerie Anderson. They met when Valerie worked for the opposing counsel on one of his cases and crushed him. She filed for divorce when he told her he'd cheated on her. ("The Trial") Their divorce was highly contentious. She hired a mediator so they could talk, but Gordon didn't show up for mediation. ("The Real Killer") After they helped his sister get a case for a class-action lawsuit, Gordon signed the papers and agreed to back off. ("The Trial")


He is close with his sister, Susan. When she needed evidence to file a class-action lawsuit against MedGenix, he helped her go to his ex-wife's PI firm.


Despite him and Valerie divorcing, he remained close with Alice.


He is a lawyer.