Galinda Mangels is the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Carl Mangels.


Galinda was in a contentious divorce with her husband. While they were separated, she was surrounded by a bodyman at all times and she kept a briefcase stored in a safe in their Beverly Hills home. Carl enlisted the help of Rhys and Ben to get the briefcase, without telling them what was inside. Ben posed as a massage therapist to gain entry to the house after Rhys disabled the security cameras. Ben then used chloroform to sedate Galinda and broke into the safe. Rhys, overwhelmed by curiosity, opened the case and discovered that it was a sperm sample, which Galinda was planning to use to guarantee herself child support for 18 years. When she came to, she held a gun to them and tried to get them to hand over the sample. Ben tossed it to her, but it hit the ground and shattered. Galinda then slipped on the sperm and fell to the ground. She was then arrested when Diaz and Dao came into the house.



She and her husband, Carl, are separated. After he left her, she held a briefcase of his sperm, calling it 18 years of guaranteed child support.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Her massage therapists are Brian, Eric, and Thor.

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