Felix McCall is an employee of the Kensington Firm.


Margot Taking OverEdit

Felix came to Los Angeles from London to attend the first US meeting of the Kensington Firm. As she started the meeting, he was talking to Alfie, who was sitting next to him. Margot asked Felix if he had something to say. He started to speak, but then Ivor's phone rang. As he got up to answer it, Margot shot him in cold blood. She then asked Felix what he was going to say. He didn't answer. ("The New Deal")

Working with TessaEdit

Felix started working with Tessa when she decided to have Margot killed. He built a bomb and planted it on his door to kill Margot. Then he went to where Sybil was being put in a prison van and attempted to kill her. He failed when he was interrupted by Danny tackling him and binding his wrists. ("The Bad Girl")



He had a sexual relationship with Tessa Riley while they were working together, despite her being just 15 years old. ("The Bad Girl")


He works for the Kensington Firm. He's an expert in firearms, tactical assault, and explosives. ("The Bad Girl")


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