Evan Connors is a Ranger wash-out who was suspected of sending death threats to Nia Brooks.


Evan Connors went to Ranger school with Nia Brooks. He strongly disliked the idea of a female Army Ranger. When he washed out, he resented Nia, who had made it. He was suspected of sending her death threats, so Danny went to investigate him. However, Nia showed up at the bar where Evan was drinking to confront him. Her brother was also at the bar and he and Danny both tried to get her to stop, but she brushed them off. Evan denied having stolen her dog tags and putting a bullet hole in them, but said he was a fan of whomever it was. He also said that she'd only gotten into the Rangers because Sergeant Moore was told he had to graduate at least one woman. When Evan said that Nia would die as soon as she got overseas anyway, Danny punched him. He was later cleared when they found Nia's house vandalized during a time when Danny was following him.


He is in the United States Army. He tried and failed to get into the Army Rangers.

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