Chloe Jackson is a well-known thief.


Chloe came into town and Rhys immediately hooked up with her. The two of them robbed a liquor store and jewelry store together. When she planned a new job, Rhys went to her and cloned her phone in order to get information. They learned she was working with three others, so Justine had them arrested and Rhys used his influence to get her to consider Rhys, Ben, and Justine to take over their spots. She met with them and expected to have a sexual encounter with them. However, Ben used a phone call from Alice to make an excuse to leave early. Despite their early departure, Chloe agreed to work with them after sharing a kiss with Justine.

They went to a car museum, where Chloe planned to steal a car. She had a buyer willing to pay $4 million for it once it was out of the museum. Chloe and Rhys posed as security guards. Rhys pulled the fire alarm and led the crowds out while Chloe disabled the security features. Ben and Justine then drove the car out of the museum. When the police nearly caught them, Ben and Justin realized they'd been set up by Chloe. Chloe went to the police impound to steal the car, but was confronted by Rhys. She offered him the chance to partner with her, but he declined and left her bound and gagged in the car to be found by Justine and Ben.



She had sex with multiple people, including Rhys Griffiths and Raoul. She also shared a kiss with Justine Diaz.


She told Justine she has kids.


She's known for being one of the best thieves in the business. She only goes for expensive items and likes to show off.

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