Carol Cooney is an employee of Ethan Ward who was using his company to launder money.


When Ben and Justine figured out someone was using a fake resort owned by Ethan's company to launder money, they went to him about it and used his help to figure out who it was. They sent around around a birthday card to get a handwriting sample from each employee to match the forged signature on the authorization paperwork. It matched Carol, so Ethan set up a meeting with Carol, telling her she was being promoted because she was going to make the company millions of dollars, because someone wanted to buy the resort. Ben posed as the buyer and played up his excitement to buy it. Then they made arrangements for him to go see the property. Carol excused herself and tried to flee, but she was stopped by Justine, who led her back to the table.

Once caught, Carol admitted to the money laundering. She said one day, an envelope appeared on her desk with $10,000 and instructions to set up the fake resort for the money laundering. She was told she'd get more money each week if she kept helping, so she did. She told them the money she laundered came from The Mockingbird Trust. ("The Cleaner")

When Ethan learned that Carol possibly had information that could help Alice, Justine offered to talk to the judge about a shorter sentence in exchange for her help. Instead of sending a receipt, Carol was supposed to request a meeting saying she was compromised. At the meeting, they learned that Tommy was behind it. ("The Mockingbird")


She joined Ethan Ward and Associates in 2005 as an assistant accounts manager in the private residence department. She quickly rose up through the ranks to become a top manager in the commercial real estate division. ("The Cleaner")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She went to University of California Pasadena. ("The Cleaner")
  • She's lived in Los Angeles since 2001. ("The Cleaner")

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