Benjamin "Ben" Jones is a con artist who, under the name Christopher Hall, conned Alice Vaughan out of her life savings.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Ben's past, prior to meeting Margot. He told Alice his parents were both dead, but that might have been just part of his cover story.

Mr. XEdit

While conning Alice Vaughan, he sent taunting letters to her company, asking if they wanted to play. As Mr. X, he targeted the clients of AVI, looking for discontent employees and using them to steal confidential information from AVI's clients. He was nearly caught when Alice and her team figured out his next target and tailed him. However, he created a distraction and was able to get away. He then hacked AVI directly, using it to get information that allowed him to attend Seth Hamilton's launch party for his new technology, which would make billions. Before he could do so, unbeknownst to him, Alice figured out what he would be doing and had Sophie program the flash drive, which Ben stole from Seth Hamilton, to hack Ben and Margot and drain all their accounts, leaving them unable to make a payment to their benefactor.[18]

Snatch and GrabEdit

Facing death for not making their payment, Benjamin posed as a customer at a jewelry store, stealing wallets and jewelry from the other customers.[19]

Marking Qasim Halabi and Zara Al-SalimEdit

Wanting to move on to the next con to make more money, Margot and Reggie targeted Zara Al-Salim, a Kuroqi princess who had come to Los Angeles to shop after the death of her father. Reggie posed as Joseph Riley, a broker for Brandeis Property and Margot as Stella Winters, an angel investor. They tried to send Ben to Shanghai to get him out of the way because Alice and her team knew his face. Reggie insisted that Ben needed to leave, but when they spotted Dao talking to Alice, they believed she was working with him to catch them. They went back to Margot and explained what they'd seen. Margot and Reggie then more fully explained the con to Ben. The mark was actually Qasim Halabi, the princess's guardian and de facto controller for the royal family's business empire. Ben suggested that he approach the princess and get her to stay in Los Angeles, after she'd been planning to leave for New York. Margot and Reggie approached Qasim and pitched their investment to him. While he was distracted, Ben caught the attention of Zara. After sweet talking her, he got Zara to leave with him. After a drive, they talked and Ben convinced Zara to stay in Los Angeles. They met in the hotel lobby the next morning and he introduced himself at Michael Thorne.[20]

Ben continued to get to know Zara, who encouraged him to try to repair things with his mystery woman. At the same time, Reggie posed as a real estate photographer and seduced the broker, Sasha Nolan, in order to get her ID badge.

Qasim became suspicious of "Michael Thorne" and threatened him in an attempt to keep him away from Zara. However, she continued to spend time with Ben, who pretended he was also a potential investor in Runyon Towers. They went together to the pitch, where they manipulated Qasim into doubling his investment. Shortly afterward, Ben found out Qasim had lied to Zara about the size of the holding fee and was pocketing the extra money. Margot, as Stella Winters, the other investor, told Zara about the difference in cost, letting her know Qasim was stealing from her. She confronted Qasim and fired him, saying he'd be sent back to Kuroq for her brothers to deal with him. Qasim angrily confronted Ben at a restaurant where he was eating with Zara and Margot shot him to stop him from hurting Ben. Reggie traveled as Qasim to Mexico, to make Zara's family think Qasim had just left the country with the money.[21]

Before the con was completed, Zara's brother came to the US to take her home. Zara decided to sell many of her personal possessions in order to raise the $15 million. She gave Ben the check, but he told Margot Zara's brother had frozen the account. Margot then took the necklace Zara had given Ben to give to Alice and said they could try giving it to Felicity to buy them some more time.[22]

Stealing the BraceletEdit

With just six hours left until their payment deadline, Margot said that she and Ben wouldn't be leaving the hotel room until they figured out a way to raise the $10 million they needed. They used a "dine and dash" con to get cash and jewelry out of hotel visitors' room safes. While pulling the con, Felicity confronted Ben with a gun. She told them that the benefactor had agreed to have them do a job for him, in exchange for that month's payment. Ben agreed, despite Margot's reluctance. They planned how to get the bracelet at a gala with Felicity's help. Ben bribed the band to play the song Carla and Diego Velasquez had danced to at their wedding. Felicity and Margot danced alongside them and Margot slipped the bracelet off Carla's wrist and handed it off to Felicity, who passed it to Ben. As Ben left, he was confronted by Mickey Shive, who shot at him. He was grazed by a bullet, but was rescued when Alice came by in her car and told him to get in. She took him back to her place, where she cleaned and dressed the wound. He then told her his real name and they had sex.[23]

When Rhys came to collect the bracelet, Ben called Alice again and she told him that if he wanted the bracelet, he'd need to come get it from her. Alice went to return the bracelet to the Larágan consulate, but she was confronted by the Shive crime syndicate. Ben interrupted, but they escaped with the bracelet. In order to get the bracelet back, saving Ben's life, Alice agreed to work with Dao, who had knowledge of the crime families. Dao located the Shive family and Alice let Ben in on their location as well. After Mickey Shive turned up death, Alice confronted Ben, who said it wasn't him, but someone he works with. She proposed using a copy of the bracelet to deceive Dao so that Rhys could have the bracelet and Dao could as well. Alice then posed as a flight attendant and dosed Emeric Shive to knock him out so the bracelet could be taken. She then handed off the bracelet to Ben and the other to Dao. She and Ben slept together again that night.[24]

Poker GameEdit

Rhys came to Ben and told him about another job with a big payday. Teddy Seavers came to down and was addicted to gambling. Ben convinced Rhys to let Margot run the con her way. They set up a poker game in the hotel and enticed Teddy to play. When he tried to back out due to his girlfriend's interference, they brought in the newly back in town Reggie to pose as a famous poker player and draw Teddy back in. Using cameras and plants, Margot manipulated the game from her hotel room. They'd nearly finished when an apparently drunk Rhys screwed up and folded instead of calling and spilled his drink, shorting out the cameras. They continued the con after sending Rhys to sober up, playing very slowly to put Teddy on edge. The game lasted until early the next morning, when they decided to end it with a high card draw. Ben won using an ace from his sleeve and they completed the con. However, they soon learned that Rhys had only been pretending to be drunk and had used them to distract Teddy, making him miss his breakfast meeting. Rhys then took the meeting with the owner of the hotel and used it to expand his territory into the US.[25]

Leah WellsEdit

In order to convince Rhys he was ready to come back to the Firm, Ben brought Reggie when Rhys said he had a job. He asked them to get Leah Wells, a counterfeiter in witness protection, for him. Ben posed as a US Attorney and met with Leah privately, where he said he could get them out of there if he did what he said. She said he'd have to make her a better deal, because witness protection was doing a lot for her. One of her conditions was her former boss being killed. Another was being reunited her with dog, Paul McCartney. They got the dog and used him as a bargaining chip to get Leah to bend on her other demands, at Margot's suggestion. It worked and she signed the agreement to be transferred. They went to go get Leah, but found her US Marshal's unconscious and Leah gone. They were trapped in the room when Dao showed up. Just as Dao was about to enter the room, Reggie showed up, pretending to be a US Marshal, and led them away, giving Rhys and Ben the chance to escape. Rhys killed the two real US Marshals and they left. They learned from the news that Leah's old boss was dead and Rhys figured out Margot had taken Leah. He told her she'd stolen from their mother and he was going to tell on her.[26]

Helping AliceEdit

When Alice found out about the Kensington Firm and Ben's involvement with them, she went to Ben, saying she wanted to help him get out, but he needed to choose a side.[27]

Desperate to keep Alice from taking down the Kensington Firm, Ben showed up at her place again. He showed her the aftermath of their work. She said the reports would be helpful, but showed him a gun she'd acquired for her protection. Then she said if he wouldn't help, he had to leave. He left. Ben told Rhys he was going to go back to the Firm and run the west coast for him. He asked Margot to join him, but she refused. Reggie also refused initially, but figured out Ben was doing it for Alice, to protect her from Rhys. After Rhys killed two US Marshals on a job, Ben went to Dao in order to help him take down the Firm.[28]

Ben told Alice he'd made a deal to get 5-10 years, but Alice insisted on blanket immunity for him. She consulted with Gordon Bailey in order to make a deal with Dao for Ben's immunity. They drafted a deal for Dao to take to the AUSA.

The Duncan/Foster WeddingEdit

When Sybil came to town, she gave Ben and Rhys a job, which started with getting an invitation to the wedding of Morgan Foster and Stephanie Duncan. She wouldn't tell them what the actual job was until they did that part. They got in the couple's good graces by helping them out with a tux and a new venue. Then they accidentally talked them into calling off the wedding, forcing them to work quickly to get them back on track. They were able to get Morgan and Stephanie to call the wedding back on and secured invitations. Sybil, after breaking Margot out of police custody, decided to use Alice as collateral to get Ben to go through with his part in the wedding con.[29]

Ben agreed to do whatever she wanted if she'd let Alice go. Sybil said they'd keep Alice until the con was done and then what he did would determine if she was released or not. She sent Ben to retrieve blueprints for her. Instead, he went to Alice's apartment and found her missing and her phone ringing. He went to AVI to ask Valerie for help. He told her that the Firm had Alice and he needed their help to get her back. Alice then showed up, saying she'd gotten away from Rhys, who offered to let her and Ben go if she didn't interfere with the con. Ben then learned that Dao had been taken off the case and his immunity agreement had been cancelled. Under threat of death, Ben returned to Sybil with the blueprints she requested. He was informed that the target was Morgan's mother, Virginia Foster, a rival of The Kensington Firm. They were going to make enough counterfeit money to replace all the money in the Foster vault during the wedding. The idea was that Virginia would then try to spend the money, people would figure out it was fake, and it would ruin her business relationships, leaving room for the Firm to step in. Ben and Rhys just had to get the rest of the group into the wedding. Simultaneously, he got Alice and her team invited to the wedding. However, when they showed up at that address, they found a construction site. Ben had given them a fake address to get them away from the wedding for their safety. However, when he went to the wedding, he was surprised to see Sophie singing at the reception and Danny posing as a waiter. He then saw Alice. They talked about how the rest of the con would go and when the cops would come in and bust Sybil. They kissed and while they were kissing, they were spotted by Reggie. Despite this, they were able to execute their plan and Sybil was arrested while trying to steal the money. They then planned to leave the country for Togo, which has no extradition treaty with the US. However, when Ben learned from Margot that Alice was being arrested for stealing the painting, he came to AVI and confessed to the crime.[30]

Ben's New DealEdit

Alice told Ben that Dao's supervisor was working to get him a deal to do three-to-five years. She wanted to work on turning Margot over to the FBI in order to get Ben a better deal, but he warned her to stay away from Margot. Ben then met with Dao and Justine Diaz. She offered him a new deal which involved him working for the FBI, setting up cons, but looping in the FBI to take down other criminals. After some negotiation, he agreed to do that for 18 months before being free to be with Alice. However, before he could be released, Rhys had him stabbed by Jason Cooley and then intercepted the ambulance to break him out of prison. Justine told Alice that Ben's deal was off, believing he'd been party to his prison break. In exchange for getting him out of prison, Rhys and Ben had to do a job for Carl Mangels, which involved getting a briefcase from his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Galinda Mangels. Ben went undercover as a massage therapist and got into the house while Rhys disabled the cameras. He used chloroform to knock Galinda out and then broke into the safe where the briefcase was kept. Unable to resist the temptation, Rhys opened the briefcase and found that it held a viable sample of Carl's sperm, which Galinda was holding to inseminate herself to guarantee 18 years of child support. Galinda woke up and held them at gun point to get the sperm back, but when Ben tossed it to her, it broke on the floor and she slipped on it and fell, knocking herself out. Then Alice came in, followed by Justine and Dao. She said the deal was back on if they could get enough evidence to arrest Mangels.[31]

Dinner PartyEdit

Tommy and Ben planned a dinner party with Alice and Rhys. At the dinner, Tommy became fascinated with Rhys's criminal history.[32]

Contraband BustEdit

Rhys and Ben's first official assignment was to infiltrate the restaurant Vinzu, a front for high-end contraband. Justine wanted them to go in pretending to be exterminators, but instead, Rhys and Ben set up so make the chef Kenji Yoshida believe that Ben was food critic William Sayles to get him special treatment at the restaurant including eating with Kenji himself. During their meal, Kenji invited Ben to dine with him again. During their dinner, Kenji admitted to Ben that his restaurant was being used by his investors as a front for their other interests. While Rhys and Justine watched from their table with the cameras Rhys had placed around the restaurant, Kenji took Ben into the kitchen and showed him that a fish was filled with diamonds. Ben went to Justine and told her that they could get someone higher in the con than Kenji if they gave him more time. Justine got the FBI to give him 24 more hours, but when he went to Vinzu the next day, he found that Kenji had taken his advice and gone back home.[33]

Despite losing Kenji, Rhys and Ben convinced Justine they could still do the bust, just getting someone higher up than Kenji had been in the chain by opening a new restaurant and enticing the diamond broker to continue to use them as a front. They used the cameras they had planted to see the woman who came to retrieve the diamonds from the kitchen at Vinzu. Justine noticed that the woman was carrying a diplomatic pouch, meaning she worked for a diplomat. They got a license plate on the car she was driving and Ben had Alice run the plate to find that it belonged to the staff of Kohana Takashi, the Japanese diplomat. The FBI decided they didn't want to pursue her because of the appearance of them investigating a diplomat. Rhys and Ben proposed that they continue working the case and then leak enough information to the press to force an arrest. They found an in with Kohana's son, Jesse, who was into high-status items and parties. They decided to throw an exclusive dinner party and invite everyone but Kohana in order to get Jesse to want an invite. He came to them insisting they be invited. At the party, Ben cooked while Rhys charmed Kohana. At the end of the night, Ben served her fugu, to give her a hint of what they were offering. Since she was drunk, Jesse came to her and told her it was time to return to the consulate. Justine followed to offer her a ride back to see if she could get any information out of her. Once they were gone, Ben and Rhys were shocked to have Jesse tell them he was actually the diamond broker and threaten them with his assassin, Yumi. He asked them what they'd done with Kenji. They offered him $3 million dollars to spare them and he sent Ben to get it from Rhys's trunk. As collateral, he sliced Rhys's arm with the same knife used to prepare the fugu, meaning it potentially had toxins on it that could kill Rhys. Ben went to get the money, but got in a standoff with Alice, who was trying to get the money to give to the Southland Cartel to save Tommy's life.[34]

While Ben went to get the money, Rhys started to show signs of the toxin killing him. He told Jesse and Yumi that he had a deal for them. Yumi injected him with epinephrine and then he set up a partnership for him and Ben with the two of them. They used the $3 million Ben got from Margot as a buy-in. Then they went to Justine with their plan. She told them to figure out which of the two was really in control, so they could take the operation down. They went to the restaurant to sign for the fish shipment and opened it up to find out the diamonds had been taken. Ben confronted Margot about taking them and she said their debt was paid back in full with interest. When they went to Justine about the missing diamonds, they claimed not to know who took them and Justine suggested either Jesse or Yumi took them to cut the other one out. They hatched a plan to drive a wedge between the two by having Justine talk to Jesse about what happened as she drove his mother home the night of the party. Ben took compromising pictures from afar. Rhys then showed the pictures to Yumi and Ben took photos of that to show to Jesse to make each of them believe the other was cheating on them and planning to cut them out of the plan. Then Ben sided with Jesse and Rhys with Yumi and they went to the fish, where they made each believe the other had taken the diamonds. When they got each of them to claim credit for starting the con, Justine and the FBI came in and arrested them. They were later extradited back to Japan. Justine said the only thing they didn't know was who stole the diamonds. She promised that when she found out, she'd go after that person with everything she has.[35]

Chloe JacksonEdit

After Rhys was out all night and Ben found video of him robbing a liquor store with a woman, Rhys confessed that it was Chloe Jackson and she was back in town. He found her irresistible. Wanting to get Rhys out of it, Ben went to Justine and suggested they take down Chloe as their next case. He wanted a few months shaved off his deal in exchange for bringing her a case. Justine agreed to take the case and they sent Rhys to her to clone Chloe's cell phone to figure out what she was planning to steal while she was in town. They learned she'd hired three people to work with, so Justine arranged to have them all arrested, forcing her to hire new people. Rhys then suggested himself, Ben, and Justine. He didn't tell them that Chloe would expect to have sex with both of them before working together. They managed to use a phone call to get themselves out early and after kissing Justine, Chloe decided to work with them anyway.

They went to a car museum, where they planned to steal a car. Chloe had a buyer willing to pay $4 million for it once they got it out of the museum. Chloe and Rhys posed as security guards. Rhys pulled the fire alarm and led the crowd out while Chloe disabled the security measures. Once everyone was out, Ben and Justine drove the car out of the building. Once they were out, the heard the police approaching and had to make a quick escape, leaving the car behind. Ben realized Chloe had set them up so that they'd take the fall and she'd be able to steal the car from the police impound and keep all the money for herself. At the impound, Rhys confronted Chloe. She tried to make a deal with him to become partners, but when Ben and Justine arrived, they found Chloe bound and gagged in the front seat of the car, where Rhys had put her.[36]

Meeting TessaEdit

After finally admitting that Tessa was the baby she'd given birth to, Margot invited Ben to meet her.[37]

Ben felt guilty for having missed 15 years of Tessa's life and wanted to be involved, but didn't want to endanger Tessa's life by bringing her into his world.[38]

FBI Security BreechEdit

The FBI headquarters in LA was broken into and information about the CIs, including Ben and Rhys, was stolen, meaning their identities could be compromised, putting them both in danger. They looked into the break-in and traced it to the Blackwell Corporation. They got fake identities from Alice and infiltrated the facility. While Ben distracted the CEO, Rhys and Justine got access to a room that they believed held the files that had been stolen. Instead, they found Troy. He told them he had an eidetic memory and Blackwell sent him in when they wanted to get information without leaving an electronic fingerprint. They slipped him out of the building with him and used his information to take down Blackwell, whom the FBI had been investigating. Then Justine went to arrest Troy. She relented when he said he could help her find her missing husband.[39]

Margot's PlotEdit

After Carl and Galinda Mangels were arrested, Raymond Taggart took over their crew. They were dissatisfied with his leadership and Margot hope to sway their loyalty to the Firm. She sent Tessa to Raymond's daughter's birthday party. Tessa chatted with everyone at the party and secretly placed microphones around the property so Margot could gather information. Ben, upset that Margot had involved Tessa, went to the party to take her home. Before he could get her out, they were confronted by Raymond, who had caught Tessa planting a microphone in his office. He demanded $10 million from Margot to return them. She sent over a car for Raymond's daughter and said the money was in the trunk. However, she was actually hidden in the trunk. She rescued Ben and Tessa and then they used the information Margot had gathered to poison Raymond's team against him and get them to associate with the Firm. He tried to stop them leaving and promised his revenge, but Ben broke his wrist and warned him against coming after Tessa.[40]

Taking Down ArgosyEdit

Justine developed a plan to take down Argosy using Troy's intel. To draw the leader, Billy McLeland, out, they planned to offer first-rate weaponry from the FBI, something he couldn't get prior to that. Ben posed as a DOD official and used Rhys's contact to get a meeting. Ryan Gilbert met with him, but said he wasn't able to make such a large deal without his boss's authorization, so Ben set up a meeting with the boss.

Justine told Eddie about her plan and he pulled a gun on them, saying now he'd have to do to them what he did to McLeland. He'd killed McLeland and became the new leader of Argosy. Eddie had Justine, Rhys, and Troy held hostage while Eddie met with Ben. Rhys was able to get the upper hand and shoot their captors while the FBI agents Ben brought jumped out. Justine came down and arrested Eddie personally and told him they were getting divorced. She then told Troy he was free to go, but offered to put in a good word if he wanted to use his brain to work for the FBI.[41]

Confronting EthanEdit

When he learned that Ethan told Alice he wanted to hire AVI exclusively to ensure his company's security, Ben went to Ethan and asked him to back off. Ethan said that if Ben came after him, Alice would see that he's just a criminal and would leave him.[42]

Investigating EthanEdit

Ben became suspicious of Ethan's business practices.He went to Justine and asked her to look into it with him. She found a fake resort in Mexico that his company owned that was being used to launder money. Justine was ready to arrest Ethan, because his signature on the paperwork was all they needed, but Ben informed her that the signature was a forgery. They went to Ethan about their concerns and made a plan to send around a birthday card in order to get a handwriting sample from each employee. They matched the handwriting on the contract with Carol Cooney. Ethan arranged a meeting with her, where he told her she was being promoted because she would be making the company millions of dollars off the sale of the resort. She started to get nervous and it increased when Ben, posing as a real estate developer, expressed his interest in and excitement for the property. When they arranged to go see the property, Carol excused herself from the table and tried to flee, but she was stopped by Justine, who took her back inside. Carol quickly admitted that someone had given her $10,000 and instructions to set up the resort on paper and told her she'd get more money each week if she continued the work. She told them the money she laundered came from The Mockingbird Trust.[43]

Kidnapping and EscapeEdit

When Ben learned that Tessa had been kidnapped, he met with Margot and Rhys and they made a plan to get her back, but they ended up kidnapped themselves after learning that Tessa was working with Felicity all along. She planned to make it look like he and Margot shot each other and Ben was caught in the crossfire. When she learned Mockingbird had taken over The Firm, she took a call to negotiate a deal with him. Then she went to shoot Rhys first, but found her gun empty. Tessa had betrayed her. Margot then tased her and when Ben warned them that the FBI was on their way, Margot and Tessa escaped while Rhys and Ben waited to be "rescued" by the FBI. After they were gone, Felicity woke up and shot Rhys in the arm. It was minor, so he told Ben to go after Felicity, who quickly ran into the FBI and was arrested.

After Tommy disappeared, Alice and Ben tracked his movement and found that he had filled the power void left behind by all their busts. The only other person who knew about all their jobs was Rhys, meaning he was Mockingbird. Rhys met with Tommy and told him all of LA was now theirs and told Tommy he needed to convince the FBI that he really was Mockingbird.

Justine asked Ben to take her to get Margot and Tessa, but he tipped them off and escaped with them as she arrived. Justine called him and informed him that their deal was off.

Ben told Rhys over the phone that he was coming after him for what he'd done. Rhys said he'd done it to give himself and Ben something for after their deal was done. Ben was angry and told Rhys he was going to come after him. When Alice told him the FBI wasn't going to stop until they caught him, he got on a plane with Margot and Tessa.[44]



Alice VaughanEdit

Benjamin, under the guise of Christopher Hall, first met Alice a year prior to the revelation of his con, when he came to their investigations firm as a potential client, apparently having been steered in their direction by Seth Hamilton (though this was later proven to be a lie). Alice and Ben began dating very soon after meeting. Ben had shown an immediate interest in Alice. After dating for a while, the two became engaged, with Ben agreeing to marry Alice after she unintentionally proposed to him. Benjamin was forced to break off his engagement to Alice after Margot decided it was time to end the con. This was shortly after Ben took $1.4 million from Alice, all of her life savings, which he claimed was to buy a house, though was actually part of the con. However, despite the entire relationship being part of the con, and Alice vowing to take Benjamin down, Benjamin did actually have feelings for Alice, and claimed that he really did love her, and that it wasn't just part of the con.[45] After years of evading capture, Ben turned himself into the police when he learned Alice was being arrested.[46] He then made a deal with the police that would allow the two of them to be together.[47]

Looking forward to being together after he was done with his FBI deal, Ben found a villa in Belize for them to buy.[48]

Margot BishopEdit

Benjamin and Margot started out as a couple, but over the course of time, the love somewhat disappeared and they became more like brother and sister.

He and Margot met when Rhys stranded them on a stolen yacht while he went on a three-day opium bender with a prostitute.[49]


He told Alice both his parents died of cancer and his brother was dead after a childhood boating accident, though that might have been part of his con. It is unknown whether or not he actually had a brother.[50]

He also considers Margot and Reggie to be his family.


Reginald Lennox IIIEdit

Ben and Reggie are very close to each other, and as Ben said, he considers Reggie to be like family to him, and it is implied that Reggie feels the same way. Reggie is also very protective of Ben, as is shown by his reluctance to let Ben tell Margot that he loves Alice, which Reggie points out would probably end up with Margot killing both Alice and Ben.


Benjamin is a con artist. He has a long-term professional relationship with Margot Bishop and Reginald Lennox III. Around 2001, he started working with the Kensington Firm. However, when the patriarch of the Griffiths family died and control of the Firm went to his son, Rhys, instead of to his daughter, Margot, as he'd intended, Margot and Ben struck out on their own, taking territory in the US.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was known as Kieran Lynch while the show was in development.
  • Damon Dayoub played him in the original pilot before being replaced by Peter Krause.
  • ABC Bio: CHRISTOPHER HALL a/k/a BENJAMIN JONES is a wealthy, high-tech-assisted, high-flying James Bond-like international super-criminal - a man of a thousand faces, voices, and identities - who works with and takes assignments from his partner, Margot. Ben (and Margot's) crimes are all high-end, multi-million-dollar corporate espionage and intellectual properties thefts. But he's a bit of a Robin Hood, preferring to steal from people who can afford the loss. Unbeknownst to Margot, Ben has fallen madly in love with his latest mark, Alice Vaughan, which is going to have dire consequences for both of them.
  • He uses obituaries from the New York Tribune to choose new aliases.[51]


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