Arabella Taggart is the daughter of Raymond Taggart.


Arabella had a party for her sixteenth birthday. At her party, she met Tessa, who was posing as Arabella's friend, Maddie's, cousin Rachel. Tessa placed microphones around the property to spy on Arabella's father.

Later, Arabella was delighted to receive a car for her birthday, not knowing it was sent by Margot in exchange for Ben and Tessa, who had been held by Arabella's father.

As Tessa left the party, she informed Arabella that her friend Maddie was sleeping with her boyfriend Tad, shocking them both.



She has a boyfriend named Tad, but he's cheating on her with Maddie Collins.


Her father is head of a crime family, though she seems unaware of this.


She and Maddie Collins were friends until Arabella learned that Maddie was sleeping with her boyfriend.

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