Alfie is an employee of the Kensington Firm.


Margot Taking ChargeEdit

Alfie came to Los Angeles from London to attend the first US meeting of the Kensington Firm. As she started the meeting, he was talking to Felix McCall, who was sitting next to him. Margot asked Felix if he had something to say. He started to speak, but then Ivor's phone rang. As he got up to answer it, Margot shot him in cold blood. She then asked Felix what he was going to say. He didn't answer. ("The New Deal")

Sybil's BetrayalEdit

During a meeting, Alfie informed Margot that there were pirates stealing from them. Margot decided to send Fernando, an enforcer, to deal with it, despite Sybil's insistence that Margot should handle it personally. Margot later learned that it was part of Sybil's plan to take control of the firm. ("The Hard Drive")


He works for the Kensington Firm.

Notes and TriviaEdit


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